My New York Dream…

Soooooo…. Here I go…. On this journey!!

Everything that has happened in my 35 years of life I believe has led me to this day!! This has always been my dream…

Today, I have decided to go to New York City on my own to live and see what dreams are made of and what can happen! Flights booked, hotel for 5 days…look for an apartment and start to set myself up for the next 3 months!


I have been through life’s ups and downs that I will share with you along the way… the good and the bad but not TODAY…  today is a FUN day!! One to be remembered…

Flying from Dublin to New York on 31st December – I am arriving just in time to Celebrate New Years Eve and what a way to end a turbulent yet great year!! Drop my bags in the Hotel and off I go… There is a party that I am going to… 150 people in total… light refreshments, smoked salmon, cheese and crackers, floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city lights, music, band etc… I will know no one… so on with the cocktail dress and a smile and start as I mean to go on…

Then January 1st 2016 – its apartment hunting in this huge city!! – Wish me luck with this one!!

I’m ready to take on the Big Apple open minded with all the excitement and hope in the world!!

I’m sure there will be tough times… and don’t worry I will be documenting them too.. these will be the ones that give you the laughs along the way…

Either way good or bad – follow me on my journey and come with me with all the love, kindness and support💘

I can promise you one thing – it will NOT be boring!!


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  1. Susan Elliott says:

    Well done jenny. Super proud of you. It will defiantly not be boring. Love lots xxx

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