Welcome to my world…

So its 5 o’clock in the morning… “you were on my mind… you were on my mind…” (Simon & Garfunkel)

I have been working on creating my site and blog for the past few days and today for the last 11 hours…

I hope you enjoy it, please bare with me until I get up and running 100% – I have so many ideas to share and no doubt have a whirlwind of a journey coming down the line…

However, living in the NOW – my painter is arriving in around 2.5 hours and I have not had a wink of sleep yet and to be honest I don’t think I will at this stage…

Every room in my house at the moment is Full… eeekkkk! In my previous blog I had such good intentions but If I am going to be honest I did not clear out any rooms today in the end or get anything organised… The fire was too cosy, the couch was lush and I put on the dvd of The Holiday instead of having to do any work… NOW, I’m panicking because its 05.30 in the morning and every room in the house is cluttered!! OOpppssss.. 🙂

I must go and make sure there is room for his ladder and a tin of paint at least!


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