Dublin’s Fair City!

The Capital of Ireland’s City temperatures are starting to get cold and frosty. There is that Christmassy atmosphere positively creeping in and you can’t help but get sucked in and ‘Love it’.Everyone is wrapped up and rushing around in the hustle and bustle on this crisp November evening. The murmured sounds of the street buskers at a distance, and now, thankfully visible and flying high are the fabulous, almost famous, Grafton Street Christmas Lights. Decorating the length and width of this social buzzy street, stretching from the bottom and reaching as far as the beautiful and historic Stephens Green, it really is an experience to behold.
Strolling down towards our yummy food, linked arm in arm, admiring the shops and the beautiful side streets, proudly displaying their sparkles. The one and only moon also making an appearance. It’s own decoration, high in the sky shining down boastfully and standing strong in its own right. I couldn’t help but start to feel slightly emotional knowing that in 6 weeks I will be leaving these 2 full of divilement, best friends of mine for a few months…but I’m holding it back because if I start, they will to!
After taking a few moments to admire the Brown Thomas window displays, which are so understated yet Ohhh so classy. We turned off Grafton Street, still having the sneaky opportunity to window shop a little more along the side of this fabulous store. A few more steps and we arrive at Cafe Boulevard, our new ‘favourite place’. As we enter the warmth of the restaurant we are greeted with another warmth. The happy, big smile and welcoming committee – Mathew. He is the Canadian waiter in Cafe Boulevard and just one of those guys you fall in love with straight away. So nice, welcoming, interesting, a nothing-is-a-problem positive gent. We love him! The Christmas decorations are delightful. So interesting and creative also one of Mathews strong points! They stand out beautifully as does this restaurant – definitely worth a visit while in doing some Christmas shopping guys&gals – so check it out!!
Now nicely settled. Food, service, atmosphere, company and relaxing happily over sinfully delicious deserts and coffee – New York delightfully pops it’s head! With our more practical heads on now we discuss, the night before I go, the week before, the dropping to the airport, the off limits ‘long goodbyes’, the fears, the possibilities, the fun ahead! We are also in the heights of planning my mothers 60th Birthday Party ‘YaY’! It’s in a weeks time – so this table was a fun table to be at tonight!!
We had great laughs, myself, my mum and my sister. There were also obviously mixed emotions with the 3 of us having big and different things going on in each seperate life. I think there were only 2 awkward silences throughout the 3 hour sit down haha! This was a success with no one storming out of the restaurant! Yes, this has been known to happen in the past by all 3 of us. So the drama was in check and between us we did manage to put the world to rights as best we do together and really enjoyed our memorable Sunday evening in Dublin’s Fair City. ❤️
It’s 6 weeks now before I head off! I am starting to get excited again. The freak-outs and anxious attacks are in remission! Instead I have been thinking of things I want to see and do. I was reading about Bowery in Manhattan. This is where I am starting off for the first 5 days. It’s lower Manhattan, down close enough to Ground Zero and Century21. It seems like a really cool neighbourhood. Its known for poets and artist to live in this area. It seems quirky and fun. So this will be a total different New York from where I would usually stay if going on holidays!
Definitely a new adventure…
Bring it on…

Jennypennyxx 💘


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