I Heart New York!

Fear is removed and officially replaced with Total and Utter excitement!!!

My countdown has begun!!

In 13 days I will be on that Aer Lingus flight From Ireland to New York!✈️🚖🍎

Me, myself and I… Ohhhhh and YOU!!

One suitcase! One dream! One life!

Here goes…

Just treated myself and upgraded my dinner on the plane to ‘Succulent Steak’ Wahoooo! Yummy can’t wait. I hear it’s just amazing. So as far as airplane food goes, for once I’m excited. Making another Executive Decision while I am being so good to myself and before my big departure, I will be fine dining and relaxing in the ‘Aer Lingus Lounge’ in Dublin airport. I believe it is a real treat, a nice little ‘send off’ present to myself. You will find me here chilled out and helping myself to tea, coffee, scones, muffins etc. Might even take a few extra  freebies for my cab ride from JFK to NYC. Delighted to have convinced myself I deserve this to Start this Adventure, YAY! Sure why not and to be honest it’s not working out too expensive so happy days!

Going to be Living in New York? ehhhh YEAH!!!

What took me so long to realise the extent and fun of it all? I suppose I had to go through the emotions and fair enough but bloody hell there will be no more of that malarkey in the near future!! I have my life to live, organise and enjoy! Time is precious.

I have been a very busy girl this week networking myself and getting in contact with a few cool people through Twitter and Facebook. I have vetted them slightly and reached out to ones that are currently loving living in the Big Apple. I don’t know them or anyone in NYC for that matter but they are all happy to meet me for coffee and chats when I get over. This will be a great way for me to make new friends and get some good tips and tricks on how to live there, where to go and where not to go! I have lined up a few nice places/rooms to view which is super exciting! There is one in particular that I am hoping for, although maybe a little bit out of my price range!! It’s an apartment opposite Bloomingdales!! Upper East Side, near Central Park and walking distance to fabulous cafes, diners, gyms, shops, the works! On the 2nd of January I will be meeting Nikko. A Greek Freelance Fashion Stylist and owner of said apartment. He has been in the presence of Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston to name but a few!! We have been in good contact over the last few weeks and get along well so far. He has a little dog called Teddy, whom he seems to adore. Loves cooking and seems like a very active, positive, outgoing guy. He has already given me some tips on gym life so if we get on well when we meet, which we are both sure we will, Greek Nikko and Teddy could be my new roomies in NYC!

My Business slash Networking Cards arrived today Yay!! I will be handing these out along the way for sure on my travels!! People will be able to come along on my experiences with me and also contact me for coffee dates!! This will be a great way to promote myself and get a broader and larger following. My job in New York will consist of having Fun, Living like a New Yorker, Blogging and Writing my Book! Walking through Easons in Liffey Valley last week, I could visualize my Number 1 BestSeller on the shelves! #watchthisspace #makingmyway #dreamingbig


My flight is on New Years Eve at 10.40am so I will be up super early that morning on adreneline alone, no alarm clock will be needed! Got to be in the airport 3 hours before the flight and go through customs. Fingers and toes crossed all goes well there lol.. Arriving in New York around 2ish. Will whistle for a yellow cab to take me over the Brooklyn Bridge and into Manhattan to check into my hotel. Instead of the usual New York Palace Hotel destination I have gone for one in lower Manhattan, Bowery Street. This is known for Artist and Poets, looks real quirky and walking distance to Manhattan Bridge and Ground Zero, China Town and Little Italy! I will have a few hours to soak up the energy of this fantastic city before I go to my New Years Eve Party!! I’m booked into a party of 150 people @ 8oclock. It’s kind of a posh party very LaaTdaa of me, haha! Well, I have noticed online there are loads of big parties that include 400-500 people and open bars. That’s not really my scene anymore! The party I am going to is more get to know people, enjoy champagne and smoked salmon kinda deal.. I will be sipping on my mocktails and chatting away to everyone and anyone and hoping to make new friends!! There are 2 floors of luxury settings, floor to ceiling windows, 2 bars, big couches, a band and the Times Square Countdown on big screen. It is so exciting to NOT know and also wonder who it is that I will be hugging and celebrating with at 12 o’clock this New Years Eve…

My Calander is nicely full for the next 2 weeks which is brilliant. Meeting friends, being out and about and also getting quality time at home. My roomie Emily moved in on Sunday and is just a little pet. I am loving having her around the place. She is into yoga, meditation and loads of healthy different foods that I have never even heard of. For a 20 year old she really seems to have her head on her shoulders. She loves it here so its great for me knowing my house will be in good hands!

I have been hitting the gym everyday in preparation to be fit and able for NYC Soul Cycle! Cant wait to try it out, I hear this class is like a Yoga Rave! (Description taken from one of the girls I will be having coffee with!)

My foundations are solid with everything falling into place nicely!

NOW – What does a girl pack into 1 Suitcase for 2016?


Do I bring an empty case as after-all… It is the City that never sleeps! King of Shopping & Fashion!




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