A New York Minute!

Happy 2016 Everybody!!

What do I wish for us all this year?

I got it!! – Fun, laughter, making memories, living life, loving ourselves, loving others, being kind and to Be Happy and enjoy the Now (as best we all can!). These are my wishes for me and you going into this brand new fresh year ahead – Wahooooo… Bring it!

January 1st and the great big City of New York is Alive! Lying in my bunker I can hear the streets outside are bright eyed and bushy tailed and waiting to be explored. All in good time, I plan to get to every spot available!

“I am going to let you take your leap of faith Jennifer but your a very lucky girl you got me in a good mood today.” Said the US Federal Officer lady at customs in Dublin Airport yesterday. Her words haunted me and yet I wanted to jump over the counter and hug her to death. She questioned me so quickly. Where you going? Why you going? What financial stability have you? What’s your plan when you get there? What’s your book going to be about? Why did you make this decision? I answered all the questions honesty and a little shaky but she could see it – My dream! Palms were sweaty and I practically ran from her when she took my fingerprints and eventually stamped my passport but still managed to wish her a happy new year and thank her very much. I sat my ass firmly and quickly down on that Aer Lingus seat, strapped myself in straight away with huge delight and let out a massive sigh of relief – Phew!! Lets go..Move this plane!

Flight was great, recommend the steak, wink! a nice touch of VIP treatment. Sat beside and enjoyed the lovely company of a cool guy from Jacksonville, we had great chats on and off throughout the flight and a fond goodbye when we arrived in JFK. Collected my bag as rapidly as possible and while getting into my yellow cab I looked over my shoulder, smiled with joy and got the hell outta there heading towards the concrete jungle, thinking – I’m Free! The airport and Ireland in my rear view mirror and Manhattan and the New Beginnings straight ahead.

Arriving to a great reception at my base in lower Manhattan. It has a kinda Retro Cool vibe about it. So picture a massive room and then it’s split into about 1o doors/cubicles on either side. Each bunker (as I’m calling it) has a bed and a locker, full stop! It’s like a cabin, on a boat! Isnt it Ironic? 🚣🏼 Its an upgraded hostel and I am happy out here for the next 4 days. It’s a far cry from the usual places I have stayed in NYC that’s for sure but this trip is on a whole other level of different on purpose.

So you wanna know about the NYE party! Well it was a great way to kick off this adventure. It was a huge success because I met a cool, new friend to be, Haylea from Australia. We clicked straight away, have alot in common and I know will have some good fun in the future. There were 12 of us for a meal in Madison&Vine before the party. A lovely restaurant on the corner of East 41st and Madison. Recommended. Just before I went in, I took a moment and walked down to Grand Central Station, with MetLife in the background and a jazz band playing in the street, I looked up towards Times Square and could see the lights. The steam coming up from the roads, the cabs flying everywhere, the smell of hot dogs, The Energy! All I wanted to do was shout at the top of my lungs – ‘I have arrived!’ Overwhelmed and jumping out of my skin with excitement with no room for jet lag I went into the restaurant and met the new people. The food and company was fab, everyone with their stories and me with mine. Eventful? Very! A woman behind me fainted and banged her head on the table, the restaurant called the Ambulance and before I knew it there were loud sirens and flashing lights outside the windows, 4 New York City Firemen coming through the doors in all their sexy gear. Real New York hunky fire men!! I was afraid to pinch myself in case I woke up in my own bed in Kilcock!! Was this really happening? Haha… Amazing!! Boy were they were hot! Pardon the pun… ohhhh and I wasn’t dreaming…

Onto the party at The Trump World Bar. Got chatting to some really cool New Yorkers great vibe, did the countdown and at 12.05pm the jet lag had well and truly kicked in and me and Haylea left, shared a cab downtown and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow in my cabin.

I’m in China town now in Starbucks, walked several streets and avenues on this crisp morning to get here. Had to get out to see what’s happening. The sun is shinning down on me and the streets are buzzing. All the stalls are set up, people walking left, right, up and down. The atmosphere is electric and I’m soaking it all up. It’s in my bones!

What a start!

Day 1 and living in the minute!

Tinder app is ready to go. Is it time to go in search of Mr Big?

Heading up shortly to Times Square. New Years Day, an American Burger, my new friend and chats about all our hopes and ideas.




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Katie fagan says:

    Delighted that all went well and you had a great first night! Have a ball🎉🎉🎉


  2. sarahwhyte87 says:


    I’ve also always wanted to live in new York, do you mind me asking what visa you applied for to allow you to work there? I’m having trouble finding one.
    Best of luck




  3. Jess says:

    I’m off to New York City in March and I can’t wait for it- your photos are amazing and have made me even more excited xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jennypennyxx says:

      Ahhhh that’s brilliant Jess!! Xx💘

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Roza says:

    Enjoy all xxx Take Care and Stay safe Jenny Penny xxxxx


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