Dear NYC Diary!

Wow!! What an eventful couple of days. I am sitting so content this morning in New York on the corner of Bleeker Street and Bowery in a cafe called think coffee. After having the tastiest grilled cheese and now sipping on my Americano I’m getting some time to reflect and breathe. Out the big window the sky is blue, the air is fresh and the sun is shining in on me. It’s Monday morning in NY and the Christmas and New Year Holidays have come to an end in the City. I can notice that the roads are busier than they have been, the presence of work men on construction sites is loud and busy and there is a general work atmosphere going on in Lower Manhattan today. Back to Business as usual vibe.

Day 1 

NYC, New Years Day, 1st January 2016 and a craving for an American Diner and an American Burger & Fries. Arranged to meet my new friend for dinner and outs and abouts. We met in Starbucks on the corner of Madison and 41st Street, grabbed a coffee to go and walked towards Times Square. The lights getting brighter and brighter as we made our way through the crowds on 5th Avenue. Taking a little detour we strolled through the Markets at Bryant Park and took in all the people having great fun gliding, slipping and sliding on the ice-skating rink. With me still in a huge bubble of excitement and finding it very difficult to contain it we headed to Junior’s Restaurant on 45th between 7th&8th. (Just off Times Square) There was a que and a wait for 10minutes but we didn’t mind as it was going to be worth it. While waiting at the door with the many others I let out a screech and a giggle as I noticed a picture of Mr Big, Carrie Bradshaw and all the Gang! They had dined here for Brady’s Birthday in Sex and the City so after I took a photo, of the photo I thought, I’m on the right path!! Junior’s is also world famous for its Cheese Cakes so I highly recommend coming here if you can! We shared an ApplePie Cheesecake for desert but there are so many to choose from…One word sinfully DELISH… is that 2 words?!

Nicely satisfied, after paying the bill and still trying to figure out the tips situation we walked off the food coma into the bright lights big city of Times Square, which did not disappoint. Such a happy place minus the crowds it’s Electric! Again I’m being like a silly excited school girl and Haylea waiting patiently for me to take it all in and also enjoying and joining in with my happiness we both headed towards 5th Avenue. Stopping off at the Rockerfeller Centre the infamous Christmas Tree standing tall and sparkling, ice-skaters going round and round the rink and lights twinkling as far as the eye could see. Passing Radio City we came to 5th Avenue. Not on purpose but just in great time for the Saks light display outside on the flagship Store. The Home Alone Music blasted out around the city as the crowds stood looking up and enjoying the free show. It was brilliant to accidentally be there at the right time, right place… Again! Just my luck right😉 Google SaksFifthAvenue light display, worth a watch. Going back to my bunker that night after my second night in NYC I was totally happy and still ready to burst with these ecstatic feelings. The days events had me wrecked and it was lights out for me but not for this amazing city!

Day 2 

NYC and apartments are waiting for me to view. Permanent bunker lifestyle is not on my agenda. As grand as it is for my first few days it can be very claustraphobic so hunting time along with having a whole load of fun is a must. So, up fresh and early and out onto the New York Streets I walked from Bowery Street to 50th & 3rd. Walked right up 3rd to Midtown to meet a girl Christina at noon in Starbucks. She was lovely, bought me a Mocha and showed me around the neighbourhood. The apartment was lovely and the room was nice. It was very minimalistic. Not extremely cosy though which is what I love. I have the Upper East Side in my head so I’m going to keep looking for now. Have to keep my options open and view more than one apartment before I commit. Met my friend for some street food in Union Square, 8 bucks for some real tasty meet balls, sprouts and sweet potatoes -yummy and really good value. An American Cafe chain called Dig Inn on 17th & Broadway. We then grabbed a coffee in Union Square and walked around the food markets while she did her weekly shop. It was all stalls set up with milk, breads, cheese, fish, meats, pesto and crackers etc. I loved this. Took it all in and smiled and chatted to as many as I could. The weather has been fabulous. So Saturday morning walking around markets in the centre of Manhattan was a major buzz. Couldn’t have wished to be anywhere else in that moment.

Saturday night in New York City, 2 single girls staying in? Eh no! We arranged to meet in Chelsea Markets that evening and hang around the Chelsea and TriBeCa Areas. Chelsea Markets is like a Classy Shopping Centre with lots of food restaurants/Street food cubby holes. It was pretty cool. We found a nice spot, ate and then headed to The Gansevoort Hotel to go for drinks in the rooftop bar. The view was spectacular overlooking the Hudson River with New Jersey lit up and looking awesome. It was quiet though and the prices were pricey. A sugar free red bull was $10, your paying for the view and location. For any Kardashian fans this is the hotel they always stay in when in the city. No sign of Kim and Kayne but I was on the look out. From there we went to The Bras Monkey! From the outside it looked tiny but inside the place was huge. A couple of bars inside upstairs and down. It has a dark, retro feel, a good music nightspot in TriBeCa. If your looking for a mad drinking session go here! 5 American guys came to where we were sitting ordered 5 shots of Jameson and 5 bottles of Bud! Fun times!! I’m looking for the more sophisticated men but it was good fun none the less! Hitting the Bunker around midnight finished this day off nicely!

Day 3

NYC and Life! Upper East Side Apartment for view. Excited to go see this one. Runners on and off I go again. Everyone takes the subway right? Not me! I’m walking everywhere right now so I don’t miss anything and get to see everything. Plus I am scared and don’t know it properly haha!! This time it was from Bowery to 76th between 2nd & 3rd. Here goes. I decided to take the scenic route on this venture uptown. Coming to Union Square again I stopped in for a hot chocolate to go. To give me energy of course wink! The skies again blue and the sun shining brightly on this fantastic city. So grateful! Passing by Joey and Ross aka F.R.I.E.N.D.S flatiron building, New York’s finest on Union Square with the chess boards set up to play a game with them. Painting and Art Markets set up around like you would see on Stephens Green in Dublin. I gotta keep walking, it’s a long way uptown. Passed The Empire State, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Saks and The New York Palace. Eventually coming to the fab neighborhood to view the apartment. I loved this apartment. Katie is a writer from LA and has lived here for the last 11 years. She works as a writer for the New York Post. All her DVDs were chick flicks, we clicked straight away. The room is not furnished which I didn’t realise so if she picks me to move in I will be having to make a trip to IKEA! Doh! The vibe in this area is exactly what I’m looking for. It’s an old wealthy money area with lots of young hip women and men. This is where I want to be. Brown walk up’s like you see in the movies, big rich houses, short distance to Central Park through Lexington, Park Avenue, Madison and 5th and simply cool out! Her doorman turned out to be a John from Tipperary! He was lovely, helpful and positive and I hope to see him and this apartment again in the near future, like tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

Walking through Central Park by now I was tired and feeling a little overwhelmed and a little shaky. I have been a little hard on myself as my fear is I never want to go home but 90 days is going to fly by. My Visa is 90 days and I cannot imagine having to go home to live in Ireland for good. I want New York to be my home. I feel like I am where I should be. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s only been  3 days so relax and be here now as no one knows what the future has in store! Haylea rang, took me out of my funk and invited me to join her and her friend in the MET Museum. Brilliant as I was so close. The 3 of us spent most the time in the museum flicking through my tinder app swiping left and right and saying Hi to some men haha! All the Famous Art and Monuments In the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to see and the 3 of us giddy girls were checking out available single american men on my iPhone. We soon realized we were not in the zone for art, so we left, split a cab to an Irish Bar on 26th and 6th for a drink and chats instead. Passing by Madison Square Garden and walking the streets I was back in my New York happy place and over my little hiccup.

After a while the girls hit the subway and I walked on down 26 blocks to Little Italy. Hungry and not ready to hit the bunker yet, I geared myself up for my first meal on my own in New York! Picking a busy restaurant, knowing and hoping it would be good if it was busy, having the order in my head, Spaghetti Bolognaise, I took a deep breath walked in and asked for a table for 1 please! All the waiters talked like Robert De Niro, New York, Italian, were very welcoming and so cool. Each one of them gorgeous looking and the food was exquisite. While I nibbled on the fresh bread rolls they all took turns and chatted to me, asking me questions, telling me they were half Irish and telling me the kitchen is so small that they same chef for 35 years he knows his way around and no one else could work in it but him.. I loved this restaurant and will go back again, perhaps on a date! or on my own to find a date haha!! The Original Benito One. – Highly Recommend this.

So here I am, still here and loving it too much. Eager now to get somewhere to call home as I am out of the mother ship tomorrow. So runners on and here I go again. Tinder date to be had in the next few days also!! Check out the photos below to get the visual effects!



Junior’s Cheesecake
Sex and the City


Hot Chocolate Treats
Rockerfeller Christmas Tree
Sunset on Empire State


Union Square
Bryant Park IceSkating Rink
Meal for One!

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  1. Jane White says:

    Loving the updates Jen- keep em coming!

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    1. jennypennyxx says:

      Thanks Jane!! Try to keep up haha!!💘xx


  2. Great blog Jennypennyxx. Welcome to the world of blogging! Looks like some fun reads ahead!!

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