Moving on Up in NYC!

Your Prison sentence has run its course and is officially over. You served your time and with good behaviour on your record, you are now free to leave the building. Time to get outta here and spread your wings a little more.. All my bags are packed I’m ready to go!!! Wahooooo.. Bowery House was perfect for my first few days and I even began to become somewhat accustomed to my tiny cabin having said that the dreams are way higher aiming for way bigger and way better. The Upper East Side apartment was not a runner in the end but all is not lost. With the luck of the Irish behind me, an open mind and going with the flow of the universe off I go to The Financial District to live for a day or 2 while I still hunt for my perfect little space in this massive city. It turns out Haylea who is not boastful at all, is a Director of one of the Largest Real Estate Firms in the world and has a very prestigious and fancy apartment 10 steps from The Hudson River, Centry21(for shopping!!) and One World Trade Centre!! She is used to flying First Class around the world with her job, very well travelled and such a lovely girl and friend to me. She kindly offered me to stay for a couple of days with her while I get organised which I graciously accepted! My bedroom, her living room, my bed, her couch has a massive window looking out at these buildings, closing my eyes the first night was a dream come true, my last vision being the sparkly lights of these amazing high rises. Talk about a room with a view and landing on my feet!

The night before I left Bowery’s ship I ventured out to a Cuban Restaurant I had passed that day called Cafe Hubana. Love this place now and highly recommend it. The temperatures had dramatically dropped in the city showing us New Yorkers a freezing cold -12 degrees. Boy is that cold, it actually gets into your bones but I was surprisingly upbeat. Sitting happily up at the diner’s counter, the loud Jamaican type music and busy atmosphere was just what I needed – Fun! Requesting the chefs recommendation I got served their speciality chilli prawns, beans and rice, along with some hot sauce, perfect to heat me up! After chatting to the friendly waiters and waitresses for a while and really feeling very welcomed into their cosy space a guy sat up beside me. He was cool out! We chatted for a good while very easily and it turned out an enjoyable meet cute. He happened to be none other than Tommy Hilfiger’s right hand man. I seemed to give him a good auld laugh when I innocently told him he was Tommy’s side kick! It would appear he would be a little higher up than a side kick!! Before he headed off he asked for my email address so I’m hoping we get to hang out for a bit once I’m sorted out and settled in my new home. It was happy company and a cool way to finish off my Lower East Side Adventure.

Getting ready and heading out for the evening to West Village myself and Haylea had arranged to meet Hong Kong Vicki as she was going back home in 2 days. Vicki works as an Event Planner for Goldman Sachs. She is fun, energetic and addicted to sex! By her own admission she loves it, loves talking about it, pretty much anything to do with it. The subject excites her and her face lights up with an ear to ear really cute, divilement Chinese smile when the word SEX is even mentioned. She has an Irish boyfriend back in Hong Kong who drinks alot apparently but is just amazing in bed. So there you go ha! She was going back there to dump him because of his drinking and his lack of enthusiasm for sports and outdoor activities but first things first she was going to use his services – “One last time!” Sure Vicki! No doubt you will enjoy!!🙊

To the naked eye, it’s a coffee shop! When we went in to ask for directions to the bar we were looking for we were asked for ID! Laughing it off and being slightly shocked we couldn’t help but find this hilarious. Kind of confused though we proceeded to ask the guy behind the counter did he know where … and suddenly a secret door opened and we finally got it. It’s a Speekeasy Bar.  Years ago in the 1920’s the US and Canada banned alcohol which was commonly known as the Prohibition. People were not willing to accept this so they cleverly set up “Coffee Shops” around the Country. New York is full of them, SpeakEasyNYC!  Within the coffee shops they had secret doors which lead into cool jazz, blues, funky hidden bars down through the secret passages after stepping through the wall. The private doors are camouflaged into the walls looking like a picture or shelves! So with the penny eventually dropping with us, we showed our ID as required and entered Bathtub Gin. The watering hole had the typical New York vibe, dark with chilled music, velvet seats, busy atmosphere, cocktails & dreams and featured a brass bath in the middle of this cool hidden gem. The 3 of us stood enjoying our cocktails, talking about Sex, Men, our plans for the future and Vicki’s bold boyfriend  before heading to dinner. We hit a real lively buzzy place called The Meatball Shop. The menus were big white boards and each table had a glass in the middle with a couple of black markers. On the board you select and tick the kinda balls you want, the sauce you want on top or under your balls, then the sides you want around your balls! What drink do you want to wash your balls down with…? That’s how you order. The waiter comes down, goes through your balls in detail, cracks a few jokes about your balls and puts in your menu to the kitchen. We really had some good giggles and fun in here, the balls did not disappoint, juicy and extremely tasty! All this talk, getting Hong Kong Vicki excited and by this stage she was only dying to get back to her Irish boyfriend’s…you guessed it, Balls!

Since I got to New York I have been up early every morning and out and about walking the streets, taking in the sites, meeting some people to look at apartments and then out at night taking in the bars and restaurants. Day 5 now feeling a little tired I need a bit of a rest. Just for a minute. So after chatting to my sister and her thankfully giving me permission to take a break, have a good sleep and then get back to apartment hunting the following day I allowed myself a chill day. Realising that just because I am on a couch in a fabulous apartment I cannot kick back and lose sight of why I am here. I cannot get lazy but today I can and I will. After a good rest I headed out to Starbucks for  a coffee. While sitting there taking my time out I noticed Louise from Made In Chelsea walk in the doors. Hesitating was it her or not, I decided to bite the bullet and go up to her. She was on her phone, in her gym gear looking super cool and in a rush. I stopped her and told her I was Irish, she said ‘yeah I can tell haha’. I quickly gave her my network card and told her to contact me for a coffee and chats! Still waiting but was delighted to meet her all the same. Later that day I was out along the Hudson River before meeting the girls for an early dinner in the French District, with the Statue of Liberty right in front of me I took a moment and realised that I am on the land and in the City of Opportunity. It’s time to start writing this book. Lets get a number 1 best seller in motion. Let’s kick it up a gear.

Yesterday, day 6 – I started off bright and early sending off lots of Tinder messages to guys that looked nice. Being selective all the same its easier to have my introduction message written “Hi, I’m Jennifer from Ireland, how are you?” Copy, paste, copy, paste! Swipping left, right, left, right! The men in Ireland send you messages first, in New York you send them the messages. They have started to respond with a few asking for coffee and drinks which will be fun and I am looking forward to. This is a work in progress and can not be rushed too much as don’t want to appear psycho bunny boiler! Plus got to be careful. In the mean time I fired off about 20 messages to people renting out rooms that I thought would match with me so between them and Tinder messages I had been flat out on my cell phone all day. Not only that but I set out walking from The Financial District towards the heart of the City. With no particular agenda but feeling like I need to be super proactive and get out there I briskly walked along The Hudson, the sun shining on the water to my left and a picturesque view of New Jersey and Staten Island. Plenty of people out walking along, jogging, treating their dogs to the park like crèche which was full of barks and excitement on this lovely morning. Battery Park was like strollerville with the yummy mummies and cutest babies out in force. I was like Bridget Jones walking along dreaming big and of Mr Big very content in my own happy world and still amazed that I was walking along this Boardwalk in New York. I was headed up the streets and got a chance to wander through TriBeCa, Chelsea, Soho, West Village, Union Square and god knows how many more. I stood and watched a full chess game in Union Square. I went into Starbucks and had my head in my phone, full on for about 2 hours. Messaging boys and messaging about apartments. Messaging home and overall Networking my Little Ass Off. Its getting little from all the walking!

Time to prioritize my blog and my book. My other job is to love and live life remembering to lap it all up. I am multitasking and succeeding and still cannot believe that I am in this wonderful City. There are so many places to live in the city and yet my heart is still saying and pointing me in the direction of the Upper East Side. This weekend is all about going to view apartments. On top of that I am going for a 25-30 mile walk with a meetup group from the North of Manhattan to Upstate New York.  Very adventurous of me I know and perhaps a little crazy but there will be stop offs and wonderful views I am sure. I will reward myself with a yummy slice of cake or maybe a Sprinkles Cupcake…

My first week, 7 days in New York really has been amazing to me and I hope your enjoying the Fun and Adventure so far! To have met Haylea and been given an opportunity to live down around the Financial Area for a while has been brilliant. To see the Statue of Liberty on my morning jog this morning was real life but like a dream! I keep saying you couldn’t write this stuff but I am writing it and living it – its really happening! #grateful

It is Onesie Party Time in front of the World Trade Centre tonight, Friday night in NYC and these 2 single beauties are watching Bridget Jones Diary, drinking Irish Tea, nibbling on some yummy 77% Coco Chocolate and getting an early night. 6 o’clock start to be fit and ready for this trek and just in time for me to inhale more of what this adventure has to offer!

Some Fun Photo Evidence Below !!



Room with a view!


Speakeasy Bar!


Hudson River by Night
Bridget Jones?!


Land of Opportunity – Liberty!
Hudson River & New Jersey


Did I mention we had Balls?


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  1. Lorna Gene Fagan says:

    Hey Jen. Sounds like you’re having a ball and met great people. 😊 looking forward to hearing all about the dating. 😍💕. Enjoy it all. Love always. Xxx


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