NYC, I’m Keeping Up!

A Secret Location? Should I go for something like this? Take another Leap of Faith, push myself out of my comfort zone? Well I may as well I figured, sure why not. I have gone with my initiative on this Adventure thus far and it has got me to do so many fun things so one more thing out of the norm is not going to harm me right… and so I did it and I am so glad… In fact, there are quite a few new moves this week and I am sure many more to come!

“The Fighting Irish” was founded in the 69th Infantry Regiment which is located on Lexington Avenue and 25th Street. In 1848 the Irish Revolutionary Activity moved to New York City to train to free Ireland from British control. It resulted in forming three separate Irish Regiments. In 1850 the first regiment was formed, 1851 the second and 1852 the third. All three Regiments were eventually put together to form “The Irish Brigade” or “The Fighting Sixty-Ninth” Historically they have fought in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Iraq and Afghanistan. They go by the motto “Gentle when stroked, Fierce when Provoked” – Sounds about right to me, in all walks of life!

Wednesday evening in the middle of New York City I found myself standing in this huge Army Barracks. Totally unexpected and seriously exciting and scary at the same time. Inside the massive double wooden armed doors, which you would walk past on the street if you did not know about, in this landmark building sits The Garryowen Club. An Officers watering hole in the middle of this huge Armory. A wooden bar complete with large TV top right hand corner replaying over and over in black and white, the Fighting Irish James Cagney film, marble fire place in the center, 3-4 small circular high tables with 4 high wooden chairs to each table, walls covered in War memorabilia, trophies, weapons and then around the room close to the ceiling on ledges and to the left a big bookcase, full of white personalized beer steins that are turned upside down for soldiers that were lost in battle. The Garyowen Club is where the soldiers today and then get to enjoy their pints of Guinness in peace and behind closed doors and is where I was lucky enough to spend my evening. The general public are not allowed in usually but through this meetup we were able to get Happy Hour from 6.30-9.30pm. As I stood chatting to two soldiers at the bar about the history of the building and the wars that they had both been to I could not help but feel a little overcome. These young guys were my age, they were from upstate New York and they had been and seen War, a few times. They sat in their sexy uniforms, drinking their Guinness trying to mask what they had seen in their lifetime already. While speaking to Dermot, who’s mother turned out to be Irish, from Cabra, I noticed his worn down Dublin hat on the chair. He told me that hat had been to Afghanistan with him, he chewed tobacco, putting lots of it in under his lower lip and spat into a cup every so often while telling me the history of the Armory Building and The Fighting Irish, the Wolfe Tones played their rebel songs through the speakers of the CD player in the background, it was all surreal. I told them my girlie story and lightened the mood somewhat while chatting about Sex and the City, New York, GAA, Dublin, Croke Park, Football Games and Ireland in General. They loved it with their cheeky chappy cute smiles, filling me in that the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show take place here every year and that all the Super Models come into The Garyowen for drinks after. They don’t seem to mind this in the slightest! This was a brilliant evening and one I couldn’t wait to share. I could go on and on about it, as it moved me so much. When I left the bar to head on home, I got lost in the huge building and didn’t know how to get out. I wandered around the hallways with my high heals echoing while I looked for the exit until I happened upon a tour group from Boston who were being shown around the whole Armory. Joining in with them, before I knew it I being guided around, told the history, handed weapons, introduced to the Commander and Chief and got to hold the Baton that is used every St Patrick’s Day In New York City. It gets tucked in under the Commanders Arm in the front of line, in the parade every year since 1850. Right place, right time. Dare I say it again… The Luck of the Irish is still with me. It was an altogether thrilling experience. Thank you to all men and women in uniform that do what they do to protect other people.

The City of New York did an amazing job in clearing up the streets after the short lived, now historic snow storm but just before that, as the City woke up to the promised blanket of white powder the feeling in New York was like – Happy Holidays! I for one was extremely excited. It was only fabulous and totally dreamy. The streets and buildings were covered and the weather forecast was actually correct. Sometimes in Ireland it can be slightly off or slightly exaggerated #dontmakeunnessisaryjourneys ! And so just like any other child I was out in my wellies and overalls throwing snow balls and basking in the fun of it all. Families, couples and friends all went out in force to Central Park, Times Square and anywhere they could. The children skidding and sledging down the many hills in the Park provided such amazing fun. An Official Alert went out to ALL phones – “All traffic to be off the roads from 2.30pm or they will be arrested” The City that never sleeps came to a shut down, vehicle wise, which gave the people of New York the opportunity to walk the streets minus the usually mental NYC traffic. It was so peaceful and relaxing and having said that I now must tell you, they have these snow machines that clear the snow from the street to the side walk. While I was taking a photograph of Haylea in the snow, the driver of said machine must have been preoccupied and ended up ploughing all the snow at me and my pretty little head. It was like a million snowballs coming at me in one go! I thought someone was out to get me, this provided great entertainment for passers by and Haylea who at this stage could barley see through her laughing crying eyes. Said driver apologized profusely as I laughed it off and came to not knowing what the hell had happened. All in a days work for him and a memory and lesson learned for me! Stay clear of the snow machines people and be safe taking photographs and selfies! ‘Right place, right time??😂’

James was a long lost friend from Jersey, Channel Islands. We knew each other 12 years ago, when I lived there for 3 years. We lost touch as you do with life bringing you in different directions and then sometimes for some reasons bringing people back together. He has been living in New York since leaving the Island and surprisingly reached out to me after seeing my Blog. This was so much fun and a must meetup. YAY! We met in my local, an Irish bar of course and had an amazing catch up, 12 years to be precise. As we went on into the night, ate some Mexican food and kept the conversation flowing as if we were best friends who only saw each other last weekend, it turned out that the company James works for is a PR company that runs non other than… Drum Roll Please : New York Fashion Week. Guess who has me on the guest list for 4 shows within the famous week? JAMES! What would be the chances that I come over to New York on this Adventure and without even trying or crying to get there I am going to New York Fashion Week!! What???? How fecking exciting is this…. All the Celebrities I am going to slip my network card too, they will know who I am let me tell you… Time to shop for new clothes!!! Big shout out and thanks to James for this opportunity. As he told me, “the celebs will be there, gracing the carpets and so will Jennypennyxx” #itshappening 💁🏼

Also in this weeks news…. Vermont is ON! I will be heading up for a long weekend at the end of February to a cool chick – Alanna. Our plan is to spend the weekend skiing, eating and having fun in Burlington, Vermont. Alanna is not a stranger, just a friend that I have yet to meet and I cant wait. She reached out to me by email after seeing my blog and has assured me that she is not a stalker or a weirdo or wanting to kill me, in fact she is the opposite. She wants to show me around her fabulous town, bring me skiing, have a warm house ready for me and generally just be nice, have fun  and  laughs and that is what will happen!! How exciting. When I said to her, “Please do not go to much trouble for me” she wrote back “Sorry, I am the Queen of Hosting!” So there you have it, another bold move on my part that will most likely leave me with a friend for life in Burlington and a yearly ski buddy. I will be keeping my eyes pealed for the Snow Machines up there haha!

With another week of fun and excitement in this amazing City why not finish is off or start the next – Friday night in New York and what else to do than hit a Steak House and Show In Times Square. If you are ever looking for a steak joint in NYC that has that expensive feeling but also wont blow the top off the budget altogether go to The Capital Grill. It was super. Fillet Steak was melt in your mouth delish, service fantastic and general feel of New York Vibe was so there. Wicked was wicked, for anyone that has seen it will understand and anyone that has not, it is definitely worth a view, however, I did prefer The Lion King. #justsaying

As I walked from my apartment last night through Midtown straight up towards the lights of Times Square I had that feeling. That same feeling that I have been having for these last 5 weeks. Excitement that this is it, this is now and this is my home right now. I shared ‘My Story’ of Friday night with my Snapchat friends and as I looked back over it I realized most of my days here are one big fun story that I am so glad I can share with all of you. I walk these streets every day knowing how lucky I am to be able to be here and do this.

With this in mind and without any warning my womb started talking to me this week, on Monday to be precise! It was an hour of questions for me to try to come up with the answers, with the result being I got some clarity. As a woman at 35 years of age you ‘should’ really have a child by now or at least a man with the prospect of a child in the near future! For me I realized when seeing the children in Central Park that yes I definitely want to have children down and the line and yes with the right man but if I had already had them I wouldn’t be able to live my dream and do this New York Adventure now. Everyone has different paths in their lives and so for me I realise that I am in the right place for me in my life right now, without question. Craigslist had men in New Jersey advertising that they want to have children with women with no strings attached and to be honest I have met one or two guys in my time and even over here that would be happy to oblige haha but I am going to hold out. Trust that it is right, enjoy where I am at and know that it will happen.

Mr BIG – The REAL MR BIG !!! tweeted me today!!! I told you, I told you all I will meet him and I will haha! So it turned out that Chris Noth aka Mr Big was in Ireland this week. My facebook feed, messages and texts blew up with friends and family from Ireland filling me in on his whereabouts and how funny it was that I was in NYC and he was in Ireland. So I messaged him something along those lines! You could imagine my screeches as I sat in the lobby of the Waldorf this morning and the notification came up on my phone that “Chris Noth replied to your Tweet” AAhhhhh! haha! Such fun people really and truly you couldn’t write this stuff…but…. I AM!!

So what the hell can happen next?? #excitedface Be still my beating heart!

Well I have been killing it in the gym this week with one day doing 3 classes. The classes in New York Sports Club are amazing, Bootcamp and Burn totally kill me but I love it. I had a touch of anxiety at the start of the class on Friday when I saw all the stations set up. Then the music starts pumping and the adrenaline is going and its just brilliant. I’m Alive and need to get super fit for dresses for New York Fashion Week, Vermont, Mr Big and god knows Who or What else.

Are you keeping up? Cause I’m trying! xx

Some photos below of some cool stuff.



69th Regiment Armory – There is so much history about this if you are interested and have time to read up on it, its very interesting #fightingirish 


 © Jennypennyxx, 2016

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  1. Katie faga says:

    Another fabulous blog Jennifer. It all sounds so magical and great that you are living your dream. Looking forward to the next one!!!🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jennypennyxx says:

      Thanks Katie!! Glad you are enjoying the blogs xx💘


  2. Tracey Burke says:

    Love reading the blog every week, there’s a movie in it. Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jennypennyxx says:

      Delighted you are enjoy the blogs Tracey!!
      Movie is on the “Dream Big list” for sure
      Hope all really good with you 💘


  3. Roza says:

    Now that’s a wow Jennifeerrrr!🔥✍🏽👍🏽 You can say the wooooooos! 🌞 🌜& ⭐️🌟✨💫

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jennypennyxx says:

      Wahooooo Roza!! Fun times!! Xx💘


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