It’s New York Fashion Week!

Cannot sleep right now with the utter excitement – It’s Killing ME!! 

Currently, the snow flakes are falling outside my bedroom window, its a beautiful, crisp, cold night in Midtown, Manhattan and none other than the eve of New York Fashion Week 2016.

The show starts tomorrow people!!

‘D Week’ of Fashion, Celebrities and Parties. The City that never sleeps. The City that gave us Sex and the City. The City that I live in and I just have one question:

What am I suffering from? 

DRS – Delayed Reaction Syndrome!? –  I think I just made this up BUT is there such a thing because if there is… I FUCKING HAVE IT!

It seems I missed a beat somewhere last week when the invites were rolling into my inbox? Preoccupied with gym life and sore abs. Two classes a day blah blah blah! Thinking about what I had to eat that day and more time thinking about the yummy things I really wanted to eat! This is a constant battle in itself, requires serious will power and is very time consuming! haha, no joke though!! I know now I should have been thinking about Victoria Beckham, Oscar De La Renta, Alexander Wang, Vera Wang, Monique l’Huiller, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Alice & Olivia, Boss, DKNY, Yeezy and I’m sure many many more! It was only after I got a text from a friend in Ireland saying “how the hell did you bag yourself invites, I’m impressed Jennypennyxx!” that it actually sunk in. This girl absolutely loves her fashion. Always has the latest trends and is not afraid to spend her money on the “got to have” designer everything and anything. So this text coming from her, lead me to believe, this is BIG!?

Why did it not register, brain? Mr Blasé all up there…

At the beginning of this week Google kindly answered some of my questions

Example of my searches:

  • What should I wear to New York Fashion Week?
  • Who will be attending NYFC 2016.
  • What celebs go to Fashion Week?
  • Where do the Celebs stay?
  • What are the best clubs and bars in the city for Fashion Week?

And so on,  you get the drift. Basically I was trying to find out what all the hype is about.

New York City has been totally engulfed over the last few days. Fashion Week this and Fashion Week that. The intoxicating energy it is leaving in the air that I am breathing in is positively and totally vibrant and addictive. It seems women all over New York City and women All Over The World would fight like Monica and Rachel in The Wedding Dress Episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for an invite to even ONE Runway Show in New York Fashion Week. We are not talking just little sissy fights with little pushes and tiny noises. We are talking the claws are out, shouting give me that invite, what can I do to get ONE of these fighting. Dirty fighting, Christina Aguilera Dirty… These tickets are like gold dust. The general public cannot attend. It is – Invite Only!

What would Carrie Bradshaw have said to me last week if the two of us had been walking down 5th Avenue and I was like: “Oh yeah guess what, I am going to New York Fashion Week. Got the invites emailed to to my personal email. Already RSVP’d. Received emails back a day or two later with my seat number that has been assigned to ME! Yeah they said they are looking forward to having me. Yeah, all sorted, no Biggie” She would have come to a screeching halt, stopped right there, tuned to me and without even thinking about her precious Louis Vuitton handbag or the possible damage she could have bestowed upon said piece… clobbered me over the head with it!

I imagine dialogue from her mouth would have been something along these lines:

“You are going to New York Fashion Week and you are only telling me NOW?”

“Oh my god, my nerves, I cant take it” One hand holding onto her tiny tummy and forehead held up by the other…

“BUT… It’s Fashion Week. Its kinda a VERY BIG DEAL

“Buckle up for the ride hunny, shop till you drop. Get those fabulous and oh so necessary beautiful dresses and get the fuck ready for the week of your life… NOW!”

My mother has always said. True Story – “Just give her a couple of days and whatever it is will have sunk in. It takes her a few days to come to terms or process whatever has happened today, so just sit back, relax, wait and she will come and chat about it then!!!”

SO here I am, it finally clicked! Dresses at the ready along with the posse of fashion designers, writers, media, celebrities, models, agents, buyers, sellers and god knows what else!  It’s New York Fashion Week and I am going to my first show tomorrow. It is called “Go Red for Woman” and its kind of a BIG DEAL !!! Google it haha!!

Monique L’Huillier, Alice & Olivia and a few others to follow later in the week and over the weekend!!! Equally as BIG, HUGE! Parties and clubs to be entered with happiness, sassiness and confidence!

Stay tuned for Pictures in my next blog update! Who knows who will be in them, YAY!!! Little did we know six weeks ago when I decided to come to New York that I would be attending these bad boys, so where to next?? Bring it…!!!

Also just a sneak peek.. Tinder and Bumble dating apps have been getting a lot of action on my phone this week and lets just say I have a few exciting dates lined up, including one for Valentines Day!!!





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  1. Jenny you’re some craic!! Thanks for making me smile this morning 😁😁😁😁😁 It all sounds fabulous. And I understand DRS. I think I have a touch of that myself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jennypennyxx says:

      Gloria!!! So glad you are enjoy the blogs!! Xx Great to get feedback and always good to put a smile on someone’s face!!


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