Happy Valentine’s, New York City!

New York Fashion Week… YAY!!! Emmmmm…honestly, not what I expected!!

Remember how excited I was that I was going to “invite only fashion shows, the celebs, the mingling, the networking.” The idea of before I knew it, I would be famous too. Jennypennyxx will be on all invites and guest lists all over New York City. An overnight sensation, name on everyone’s lips, attending all the parties with all her new ‘famous friends’! The Kardashian’s on speed dial. Not to mention Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn inviting me to their log cabin to go skiing with them in Aspen… The list of “Dream Big’s” I had were endless… haha! – NOT THE CASE PEOPLE!! Not the case at all!  Just not…YET!

Kicking off the iconic week and my first show was the Macy’s Charity Runway Show, Go Red for Woman. I was in the know that the seats we had been allocated were front row and the very beginning of the runway!! Needless to say – it was all systems GO, GO, GO! Battle stations everyone, one shot to impress  – It’s show time!! This is NOT a drill

Hair? – Go blonde or go home! Blonde it is! In the 2nd avenue salon, 3 hours and 200 dollars later my new hair is bright, healthy and ready to mingle. “First Impressions Count” the words my roommate uttered to me that morning rang in my ears throughout the day. My fun hairdresser who’s hobbies were “I love smoking pot, ohh and I love hairdressing” did a great job and provided plenty of entertainment and excitement about the upcoming shows for me throughout my stay. He was definitely not high while I was there. Now, dress time! Theme is RED and stand out! So of course I allowed myself to go shopping in New York for my new dress, like obviously! Time well spent? – the full day getting ready, feeling and looking almost famous… on I charged. 

The venue for the runway show was right beside Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. Moynihan Station is actually the New York Post Office, the huge building standing tall, around these other famous landmarks. After my 20 minute cab ride across town, sitting in traffic for ages and 23 bucks down, I arrived at the exciting destination. Like everywhere in New York it was very organised, follow everyone else and find your seat. Done. Big HI to James, excitement of the goodie bag waiting for me on my chair, some selfie fun and the show begins. James tells me this is what is known as a fun show. Not too serious, good fun music. Beyonce’s ‘who run the world, girls, girls’ blasting out loudly while Macy’s showcased some of their best Red Dresses, promoting awareness for Woman’s Heart Disease. The show was enjoyable, it lasted for about 15 minutes, the models were famous newbies and oldies, with one I recognized, The Nanny. Then the big lights came on and it was over. It was a little bit of an anticlimax. I had spent all day getting ready and it was over so quickly? There was only one famous person there that I knew and that was Magic Johnson’s son and Rich Kids reality personality EJ Johnson, which I did manage to get my selfie with!

My second show, YAY! The chat in my head was ‘right best foot forward, get dressed up to the max again, you never know who is going to be here to mingle with, get to know, chat and have fun with. First Impressions count blah blah blah’ haha!

The same venue, this time Monique L’Huiller is the famous designer. It is an absolutely freezing -16 degrees celsius in New York City this evening. Not many people were crazy enough to be venturing out. My roommate watching me getting ready from the couch in her cosy pajamas not envying me one bit, more pity, haha. Time well spent? This time, 2 hours getting ready, feeling and looking almost famous… on I charged. 

Insane traffic in the city due to the subzero temperatures, so after my 30 minute cab ride and 30 bucks down, I enter the familiar doors, go to the standing area, a quick hello and intro to the people I am standing beside, the lights go down and the show starts. The skinny and tall models showcase the designers new spring collection. Parading effortlessly down the catwalk, coming out one by one, quickly, with each one looking fabulous, the style was evening gowns, the music was powerful, just getting into it about 5 minutes after I arrived and about 4 minutes into the show, the lights come on and… the show is over – WAIT WHAT!?!!!

James had warned me that the shows can be short but bloody hell. I spent more time in the cab getting here! What a load of shite!! No disrespect to anyone, I get that they are showcasing their new lines, it has to be quick because the rental of the space is apparently collossal money and that the fashion guru people that are there, know what to look for. I just don’t think I get the hype. Or maybe I just wanted it to be longer!! Sure, if we all liked the same things in life it would be so boring and I was glad that I was able to get to give us all an insight.. I did see the funny side of it totally and really couldn’t help the laughing when I landed back to the apartment and the look on my roommates face that I was back and it was all over!!

Thanks to James for the tickets. In the future though I think I will leave New York Fashion Week to the experts, models, designers, celebs, paps and lovers of these “shows”!

I have 2 more scheduled for Tuesday but I think I cant go… Does anyone want them?

On a totally more realistic note!! – It’s Valentines Day!!!! Happy Love to Everyone!! We should be spreading this on a daily basis not just one day of the year and to everybody, not just couples! This amazing day draws huge flattering attention, an arrow, an emojii double red question mark and a pointing finger at… sing it with me now,  “All the single ladies, All the single ladies !” Really hoping all of my sarcasm was not lost on you, hidden everywhere in this paragraph haha!!

Mike from dating app bumble is coming in from Long Island to the City of New York to bring me on a date to The National History Museum!! wahoooooo.. Kinda funny because the last time I was in the museum in New York, I spent my time, along with Haylea and Vicki on the phone swiping through Tinder. This time its Valentines Day and I will actually be on a date in the museum hahaha!! If we get on well, there will be dinner after, if we don’t I am sure there will be plenty of places for me to hide and loose him in the museum. Once we don’t end up in the same sticky situation as Ross and Rachel did with the dinosaurs, we should be all good haha!!

Vermont is coming up soon, skiing, ice skating, apparently a massive Mac & Cheese Factory, not to mention all the other things Alanna seems to have planned for us. I am looking forward to getting out of the city and going on that 3 hour bus journey to the unknown but knowing that it will be so much more fun to add to our adventures!!

If you want to get the regular email updates, when I have posted a new blog post don’t be afraid to add your email address on the website ‘Follow Blog Via Email’ I will be posting every weekend as usual but they may become more frequent!! Hope ya’ll are enjoying the fun and thanks for all of the support as always xxx

Living in a constant New York state of mind, loving every minute of this dream and getting to share it with you all.

In Love with this Bright Lights, Big City!! My Valentine xx





 Copyright © Jennypennyxx, 2016.

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