My Dating Scene in New York City!

So where to start…

Fantastic. Exciting. Energetic. Fast-paced. Overwhelming. In-trawling. Interesting. Another loving and happy week ‘comin atcha’ from the best place in the world, in my eyes anyway! New York City Baby!

Currently and ohhh so happily sitting in my favorite coffee shop in the middle of Manhattan, New York. Ground Central, when you are here you gotta look it up – it’s a must! Big leather couches, the luxury of relaxing and sinking into carpet & tartan arm chairs, the dark enchanting surroundings lit up by low side lights, book cases full of interesting reads and the most delicious coffee’s and treat’s. My fav is my yummy skinny mocha and a chocolate chip bun, the 80’s tunes pumping in the background and the vibe just hitting it right. Dirty Dancing’s iconic song “I’ve had the time of my life” is playing at the minute, loving it and a good time now for me to reflect on this, ‘time of my life!’

Mr Plaza… sent me into a small spin of disappointment for only a minute when his work commitments stopped him in his tracks coming over that promised weekend.

However, all is not lost, there is plenty of time… right??!!

Valentines Day! Opened the baby blues, looked at my phone and couldn’t believe my day started out with none other than a message from my school, childhood, major crush on him no joke, boy! It read “Happy Valentine’s Jenny” haha! My reply: “For so many years I wished and wished for a Happy Valentines from you..better late than never eh”! His reply: “Foolish boy, it takes a man, to be a man these days!” haha – Great Start!!

So let me fill you with the history on this one… I fancied him like crazy when I was younger. Like stupid crazy!! All through secondary school and thereafter… haha! We both hung out in the same group of friends when we were kids and so I always got to see him. Yay for me! Well, he somehow knew I fancied the arse off him and so of course, as you do when you’re a teenage boy, he was always mean to me and didn’t give me a minute of his time. This of course as a teenage girl, only made me totally and utterly fancy him more and more!! He moved on from our hometown in and around 15 years ago so the only connection we had to each other was over Facebook about 2 years ago, when we became ‘friends’. We exchanged some messages of well wishes a year ago and here and there. Birthday’s, Christmas, New Year all that kind of thing and so it was a lovely surprise to get this message on this Valentine’s morning! Well let me tell you it didn’t stop there… the excitement of the following hours with our messages was intense, intense, intense and fun, fun, fun…

He very matter-a-fact-ly asked me “when am I ready for a visitor and when do I think would be a good time for him to come over?” haha! He proceeded to enlighten me that he loves the idea of New York, he has never been, loves my blog, loves what I am doing, loves the energy and all my stories and is going to come over to see New York and Me!!! WHAT!!!! hahaha!! Brilliant.. This guy is young, free and single, hot to trot and bloody interested.. Okay…time to be cool… be fucking cool!!

No doubt in my mind whats so ever that we both loved having the giggles and flirty, half  friendship, half promising messages over and back to each other the whole day long. Great fun, which resulted in him deciding that the following weekend was to be the best weekend for him to come over to see me and what the city has to offer! My tummy reacted to this news with the biggest somersaults, nerves, excitement and anticipation. The energy, the what-if’s and but’s, the doubts with the possibilities, the rights the wrongs, my mind on overdrive, naturally! Your childhood sweetheart. Emmm was this really happening? This guy has been reading all about me, he knows me, he knows me since we were kids and now he knows me as a woman! Is he really going to come all the way over to see me… Ohhhhh My God!!!

Nooooooo… his work stopped all the fun with a massive Full Stop! My new friend was going to be staying in The Plaza, his dream to stay there after watching Kevin in Home Alone, Lost in New York. Coming over, Thursday to Monday, I was going to be the tour guide, the two of us taking in all the sites, out and about in this amazing city together. Times Square, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, skating in Rockefeller Center and who knows what else could have happened?

The disappointment was real, however, I am a massive believer in things happen for a reason! So what would be the lesson here? The excitement was real, it was coming from us both this time. It was not one sided like years ago. There is most definitely a spark here… Is this chapter closed? Will Mr Plaza make a return visit into my life? For his own safety haha… he will be remaining anonymous!

In the meantime… there are dates lined up and ready to go!! So time to get myself back into the excitement of this adventure, dust it off and not let this slight blip stop me from continuing to live my dream’s here:

Ollie… was my first date when I came to New York and we kept in contact. We had a good night that night and shared some banter and fun together. Is the chemistry there? I am not sure and so for our next date we are going to an oh so cool – Knicks Game in Madison Square Garden. This kind of date reminds me of the movie How to Loose a Guy in 10 days with Kate Hudson and Mathew McConaughey. In fact it was on my bucket list for NYC to replay this scene and so it is a mirror image! Lets hope I am not  going to be trying to loose him in 10 minutes, the kiss cam works out well and its all fun and games haha!! We are going to the famous ‘Hooters’ for dinner before the game which will be fun… I genuinely cant wait for this date, the added bonus already that I know we get along very well and have a good laugh together… Will keep you posted…

Hector… was cancelled… and for extremely good reason, I think?!

Let me know if you think I was right? I know my dad will be happy I didn’t go on this one…ha!

I had a great 30 minute conversation with Hector over the phone on Thursday evening after I came in from the gym. Great laughs, good vibes, he loved the Irish accent and seemed like a really nice, confident guy. He seemed to know what he wanted and was kind of intense but in a fun, innocent way. UNTIL…. after we had clarified a time and date to meet, a where and when and just before we said our goodbye’s he asked me, “Can I just ask you 1 more question before we sign off?!” Slightly scared about the question but letting him go for it… he proceeded:

” Do you… Do you……. have nice feet?”

WHAT?? I thought I had heard wrong…

I mean I have heard of a foot fetish before but I never once thought that I would come up against a person that had it. To be honest, I was never really sure if it was actually a real thing. It’s alive and well people. After his third text message to me pleading for a ‘picture of my cute toes’ with me starting to look at my feet differently, asking my roommate if I had nice feet and dreaming about them that night, I realized that this guy was not the guy for me and politely told him the following day, ‘the best of luck in his search for happiness!’ apparently sending him a picture of my gym runners was just ‘a tease’ !!

Onward and upward, with my best ‘cute’ foot forward…

Michael… I have spoken about before! He is ‘the cute guy’ that I met at the British expats meetup that I went to by mistake. I went to his birthday party last week in the fab Mr Purple Rooftop Bar which overlooks the buildings and bright lights of this amazing city. We keep in contact with each other all the time and so last week while myself and Haylea were out, he arranged to come uptown to meet us for a few drinks. He is charming, funny and a really nice guy. We both get on very well together, with constant flirty friendly banter between us that we both get and instigate. He is a wannabe Irishman. Great night had by all that night with me and him sharing a quick peck of a kiss at the end of it. BUT!! – before you start getting all excited about this one… we are more friends to be honest. I like having him over here in New York to have fun and banter with. I can see us doing some things around the city together and getting up to a bit of mischief but not with each other haha! If he doesnt get a ‘hot fit date’ next week, we will go to the ballet together and in his words – how lucky am I, right Michael!😉

Mike… was my exciting date for tonight!! He came in from Long Island and was totally cute, the perfect gent. We started off in the local bar, chatted for over an hour and got on really well. So well in fact that we unexpectedly went from here to a fun Mexican restaurant which had a really good vibe, really loud vibrant music and a great tone for a restaurant and a first date! After we had enjoyed sharing some tacos and more great conversation we walked up hand in hand to Rockefeller Center, taking in the sights of Park Avenue, Metlife Building and 5th Avenue arriving at the infamous Ice Skating Rink. This area is so cool to sit and relax while watching people going round and round enjoying the music and avoiding that awkward first date kiss haha! It was a beautiful Saturday night in NYC, the perfect date, the perfect night, balmy and warm. The moon shining high and bright over the city, the stars out and visible, the perfect time for me to have my first proper kiss in New York City…

Right time, right place!

Am I still living in a New York State of mind?? – More than EVER!

Am I loving all of this excitement and fun that is engulfed around me all the time?? – YES, ABSA-FUCKING-LUTELY!

Do I belong here?? – 100% without a minutes doubt…

Vermont is on Thursday!!! Time to hit the bus and head on up to my new friend for fun and adventure! Alanna seems to have everything arranged for me, from Ski Gear to Mac and Cheese factories, to the local men in the local pub haha!!

Wonder what stories will come out of this leap of faith!!

Some photos below and I hope you enjoyed another week of ‘our’ New York City Lifestyle!!




Central Park…


Central Park

The Plaza, Mr Plaza!


My gym Buddy!!

Copyright © Jennypennyxx, 2016.


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  1. Katie faga says:

    Another great blog Jen! Day late this week!!! Only joking 😃😃😃😃

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