New York to Vermont!

Fun Fun Fun Alert!

**Look away NOW if you “ARE NOT ABLE”!!**

Please be advised this post IS NOT for the faint hearted or miserable but for the benefit of the fun, happy and lovable people! If you are one of these (fun,happy,lovable) please continue to READ ON and Enjoy…YAY!! 

** If you are the latter please proceed with Extreme Caution! **

– You have been warned! 🙂

Unique, picturesque and ohhh so much fun is the State of Vermont. Bringing the world the infamous deliciously creamy Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Why thank you! Also popular for their apple cider, apple vinegar, producing fabulous Vermont Cheddar Cheeses and yummy Pure Maple Syrup. Not to mention their craft beers, jams, chocolate and scrumptious food full stop.

Vermont proudly boast’s some of the cutest little towns and villages offering ‘the best’ shopping, bars & restaurants, views, streets, festivals and Life. In the summer months it’s mountains attract outdoor biking and it’s lakes water conditions entice the visitors for fishing, sailing and an array of fun water sports. The forest scenery paints the landscape a wash of burnt oranges and light yellows with the rustic colors highlighting and showcasing the states famous Maple leaf trees, making the towns look even more adorable and quaint in the warm weather. The fun winter months brings barrels of fluffy white powdery snow, lots and lots of it… YAY!! With sub zero temperatures and the brilliant high mountains the result is that these fabulous towns and mountains famously become hosts to some of the best Ski Slopes and Resorts in the US and possibly the world. People travelling far and wide to come test out the skiing, eating, energetic, perfect Vermont conditions!

Who could have thought this would have happened and worked out so amazingly?

The beautiful Alanna reached out to me over the Internet, emailed me and invited me to her home town of Burlington for a “weekend of skiing and fun” and so of course I accepted and totally jumped at this cool chance to change it up more! Being a great believer that the Universe likes speed and without any second guessing I knew this was right and turns out I wasn’t wrong! No need for stalking her, after becoming friends on social media, keeping in contact with each other for a few weeks and knowing that we would get along, I hopped on the bus and took the leap of faith. I knew she was a sweetheart straight away, in love with Ireland, the Irish accent, the music and anything to do with Ireland. She greeted me with open arms and has been one hell of a host to say the least!

Arriving off the Megabus from New York City on Thursday Night after my 7 hour trip was only something very magical. The snow was falling, big thick chunks, light and fluffy, the lights on the streets were dim but visable and the air was fresh and 100% alive.

Alanna came down, hugged me and welcomed me to Burlington! We were both instantly giggly and excited as we set off in the snow along her city streets in the american grey honda civic car that she had borrowed from her friend earlier that day. Passing big red brick schools as we drove through the college campus, the massive and very impressive fraternity houses, lovely white steeple church, small dainty parks with tall trees and beautiful side streets lit up in fairy lights. It was spectacular. As we drove along chatting I felt like I was watching someone else on TV. That this was someone else’s life.

Pinch me quick… or actually… Don’t… just in case!

Arriving at her house I only have one word for you… WOW!

Instantly fell in love with this pad but not before I fell twice in the snow of her driveway after getting out of her car ha! This had us both in absolute stitches laughing and pretty much set the bar of how the rest of the weekend played out…

Note to self, do not wear runners/trainers with no grips in the Vermont snow!

After helping me up eventually after we caught our breaths we went into her lovely home, showing me around and showing me my room (which was the very cool and spacious living room) we decided to call it a night as we had a big weekend of activities ahead and it was late! For me, I couldn’t sleep straight away as I wanted to take in my surroundings. There were 2 big black and white photographs, stylishly framed on one of the walls showing a New York Couple kissing in Soho, very cool. On another wall there was about 10-12 different shapes and sized pictures with a mixture of American and Irish photos and memories. An amazing collection of dvds stood proud, yankee candles dotted the apartment, book cases full of books in corners of the rooms, wicker baskets with big cosy blankets, white and dark wood vibe, creative, artistic, cosy and fun. This house is just full of character and love, leaving me in a state of gratitude knowing what a lucky girl I was to get to be there and enjoy it all!

The first morning Alanna couldn’t play and had to head off to work but not before leaving me such a detailed and fun map of where to go and what to do’s in order to see the best of this University City, Burlington. She had everything named and planned out for me, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, streets and shops to investigate but first things first, what to wear to look cute on my outings! After rummaging through my bag I realized that I had forgot most of my warm stuff and in fact had packed very badly for the winter weather! The heat in my New York City apartment was on overdrive the morning of packing in fact it was like the Caribbean Sun…feeling hot, hot, hot! I was only bloody short of having my bikini packed in the bag. Thankfully Alanna totally understood my dilemma and urged me to help myself to her stuff and to wrap up warm! When I met her that evening she was laughing as I had on her best hat, scarf and coat! Imagine showing up to someones house that you don’t know, with hardly any of your own clothes to wear and then showing up to meet them, in theirs! Only me, honestly! In the past I have been known to want to wear other people clothes and somehow always managed it, my friends, mother, sister and aunties can vouch for this, even my dad at some points has had to hide some of his ‘cool stuff’ but I swear I didn’t plan this, this time! and I promise to take nothing home with me that doesn’t belong to me from Vermont haha!

Holister had a deadly sale on in the shopping center that was on the list of things do so I manged to snag some cool warm clothes of my own! This included a super warm and funky flannel shirt to keep up with the stylish Vermont crowd.

Church Street, the main street, is lit up all year round with fairy lights covering the trees and hung across the street. The pedestrian walkway street is magical with the smells of the fabulous food from the restaurants, the music coming out of the bars, the hustle and bustle of the people hurrying quickly from restaurant to bar to avoid the cold weather, the general atmosphere clearly giving off a very laid back and chill zone. Relieved getting in from the cold temperatures, that evening, we entered The Farm House Restaurant & Bar. Nestled down a flight of stairs and surrounded by open fires, low lighting, good music and loud murmurs we sat happily enjoying our chats as the waitresses served out oysters, cheese boards, pastas, burgers and steaks to the busy flow of customers. Flannel shirts and jeans all the way we were loving the apres ski kinda vibe, delicious food and fantastic buzzy atmosphere! We finished off our night in Ri Ra’s which is the local Irish Bar and a ‘must go’ when in Burlington. Dark wood bars, big tall tables with good live music and bands. The pair of us laughed all night sharing our stories, ended up chatting to a couple of police men that were off duty for the night, one of them Irish of course!

and that was my – Welcome to Vermont!

Alanna went off early the next morning early to collect the brand new car rental for the weekend adventures. Arriving home looking cool in this fab white VW Jeta, some fresh coffee for me and hot almond bread from the local bakery. What a way to start our day! #delicious

Our first pitt stop was my photo shoot! haha!! YAY! Burlington has an amazing setting down by the waterfront, it is so pretty. So our plan was to brave the cold and let her do her thang! Taking the professional photographs down by the sea was a good setting, the huge chunks of ice and driftwood that floated on top and in the water showed us just how cold it was, but we braved on and got some really cool shots with the backdrop of the lighthouse and arty ones over by a graffiti wall. It was very cold but anything for a good selfie, right girls, haha!

With our fun packed busy day ahead, sun glasses at the ready, blue skies, check, sun, check, cool car, check, Irish Diddly_eye music up loud, check… SORRY WHAT!! haha…

Yes, you heard me right!! Alanna proceed to get the party started with none other than, The Dubliner’s and not only that but she knew all the words to every song!! Luckily for her… she had a girl after her own heart who could join in and so off we went, up the highway in Vermont, on the way to the beautiful town of Stowe, singing Whiskey in a Jar!

It was quiet the moment, leading us to bust out laughing and me feeling like I was on my holidays in Ireland for the weekend!!

The snow was fabulous around the mountains and countryside as we headed up to go Ice Skating, sip on hot chocolate, roast marshmallows on the open fire and just bask in the sun and atmosphere that this huge resort had to offer. From there we went to a cheese factory and sampled many different types of yummy dairy produce! After that we just had to stop off at Ben & Jerry’s arriving just on time, of course, for the tour around the factory and getting to sample some free one of a kind frozen flavored treats!

Being a sporty girl I actually pretty much enjoy most sports, however, I seem to get scared when skiing. This was my second time to go skiing and to be honest fear is getting in my way of mastering this sport. There was not much snow fall and so it was too icey and dicey for me. Slightly envied the little children flying down these mountains without a care in the world, its amazing to watch them!! I fell a few times, have some bruises to prove it, enjoyed it while I did it but to be honest, I think I will have to hang up the skies for now… maybe not for ever but just for the minute!!

Vermont was amazing. Alanna was amazing and the experience of trusting your gut and going with what life brings, to a degree, can lead you to make some good decisions and experience exciting new adventures, while being lucky enough to make new life long friends! Thank you so much Alanna, see you in the Summer xx

In other news…

Getting back to this City today made my happy glands go bloody bananas!

What is it about New York that gets me so “In Love”?

I was totally and utterly bursting out of my skin when I saw the silhouette of the buildings in the distance as the bus made its journey towards ‘my home’. Final stop, 27th street and as I got to my feet and off that bus my heart was beating so fast! I walked the streets and avenues this evening with the sun high in the dark blue sky just feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. As the sun is setting it leaves an amazing light orange/pink color on the high concrete, famous buildings which left me feeling as though I had just arrived off the plane From Ireland to New York, again. Spring is in the air here, it is getting warmer, the restaurants are starting to put tables and chairs outside!

The energy, the excitement, my happiness! If only these emotions and feelings could genuinely be bottled and not even sold (even thought it would make me a millionaire haha!) but just given to people to make them feel happy.

Lots and lots planned to do this week but first things first starting off in the morning!! Myself and my roommate are up at the crack of dawn to go to the Live Kelly & Michael NBC show which is broadcast on air, over the US, every morning. It will be all systems go here with doing ourselves up to the ‘Ninety Nines!’

Why, I hear you ask??

Ohh just that Gerard Butler is going to be there and some other “special guests” from the Oscars!! Hopefully get some selfies so this story is… to be continued…

The adventure is continuing in full swing and I remain seriously IN LOVE with every single minute of it all…

Stay tuned for updates this week with details of some of the up and coming events, hope you enjoyed “New York to Vermont” and survived the “Fun”!!

Photos below of the highlights of this week!






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  1. Katie faga says:

    Another great read! Wow Vermont sounds like a lovely place to go!! Ben and Gerry my favourite ice cream!!


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