New York Stamped My Heart!

WAHOOOOOOOO… This is it!

PART DEUX ~ PART 2 ~ SECOND INSTALMENT ~ Continuation my lovely’s…

Absolutely – no point whatsoever in me jumping up and down, POW POW POW’ing, kicking, screaming and throwing all the toys out of the pram this time heeheehee!!

That ship has well and truely sailed my friends…

Reality has hit ‘home’!! and do you know what? It is perfectly O.K.

– cause it has to be and cause it will be!

The time is here, where we are slowly coming to the end of this chapter and I for one eagerly await and intend to kick off the brand new unchartered water’s one ‘in style!’


It will be all system’s Go Go Go!

but first off … Let me be 100% real with ya’ll: 

I am not going to sit here in the beautiful surroundings of The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Battery Park, with the busy New York street right outside the everywhere I look floor to ceiling windows, mr sunshine smiling in on me, the yellow cabs flying past, the Statue of Liberty standing tall in the distance through the hazy sunshine, people going about their day and the day going about it’s day and pretend to you that I am not dealing with a ‘dolly mixture bag’ of emotional goodies!

For today’s special mix we have – excited about life, thrilled not thrilled, sour and sweet positive enthusiastic denial. Couple that with John F Kennedy airport and boarding my scheduled flight, it is actually going to happen in just two days!! Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby reluctantly present to you the dreaded ‘knew this day was coming’ time for me to embark on my journey home to Dublin, Ireland. This action brings with it the looming end of my most beloved adventure in New York City, also bringing the exciting unknown start of a brand new one that is made up of a dolly mixture mix and jam packed bag of Jennypennyxx’s reality, hopes and dreams!

Putting these yummy treat’s aside for a minute and keeping in theme with this unforgettable, unimaginable, unplanned, unpredictable NYC adventure I would like to share that St Patrick’s Day in this amazing city is absolutely, totally and utterly uplifting, green, enchanting and everything that St Patrick’s Day should represent.

The streets and avenues in this grid system city became more alive and full of even more energy where I did not think it remotely possible. Spending the day with my Irish friend Sean, who I met at a party a couple of weeks back was just perfect! Sean is quick witted, cute, very funny and typically Irish, which I love about him. When I first met him, he introduced me to other people at the party as his “Tinder Date” ~ that’s what you are dealing with when graced with his presence!

We arranged to meet in midtown’s buzzy busy eatery ‘The Smith’ for brunch where we lapped up the Irish atmosphere, sipped on our beers, mine a non-alcoholic to his ‘Irish’ disgust! and enjoyed two of their famous, deliciously juicy burgers which left us totally satisfied and armed for our exciting day ahead. Sean’s over excited amusement was fair when the jar of tomato ketchup exploded all over me and showed me up to look like the main character from a scene often depicted in a horror movie. My quick trip to the unisex toilets to clean up and do a ‘Mr Bean’ was very necessary! By definition ‘Mr Bean’ is needing to gyrate all up on and looking like you are trying to hump the hand dryer in order to clear what looks like you have just pee’d your pants scenario, as passers by get to look at you pointing and smiling, in this case both men and women! Looking somewhat presentable again ha, the time had come for us to make our getaway, hit the Big Apple and check out the New York St Patrick’s Day Parade… YAY!!!

Cleverly for him, Sean let me guide us through the side entrance of the famous Church and out the front doors where low and behold we ended up sitting with the Priests and Bishops, New York City’s finest. The luck of the Irish strikes again #thankyou! Look at the pair of us bang smack in the middle of all the fun and happily enjoying the views opposite Rockefeller Centre.

While indulging in our very own front row VIP seats, there I had a cool ‘WOW moment’

“I looked up!”  and what I saw was a fabulous vision now imprinted in my brain forever!

Picture this ~ the sun’s heat on you, velvet blue sky, the iconic Empire State Building in view, sitting on the steps of this 5th Avenue New York landmark, the American flag swaying overhead, the Irish flag also proudly enjoying the slight warm breeze, bag pipes playing Oh Danny Boy from the so close you can touch world renowned parade. This moment simply equalled and summed up the saying ‘Proud to be Irish!’

Flags, Empire State Building, Blue Skies & Sunshine!

My friend Laura arrived joining in with the fun in the sun. Pretty, blonde, happy go lucky sweet girl from the UK who get’s to live here with her Italian boyfriend and who shares our common interest, the love affair for this amazing city. As we all inhaled the ambiance, enjoyed the now, basked in the atmosphere, sitting back wearing my green “You’ll never beat the Irish” t-shirt from my good friend Mary back home, I can safely say for this full day, the 17th of March 2016, these ‘Irish eyes were smiling!’

Brooklyn Bridge by night is an amazing and exciting sight to behold. In normal circumstances one might say walking over to Brooklyn with a boy is a romantic gesture, it was me after all that had suggested the activity and so with that in mind as we stood at the bottom of the bridge about to travel by foot across the iconic pavement he asked:

“Have you just tricked me into a date Miss Jennypennyxx?”

My response being “haha, you wish!”

Mr Michael, if you are reading this you should not be! As I told you before Mr Big did not read Carrie Bradshaw’s columns haha and Mr Darcy bought Bridget Jones a brand new diary as he could not bring himself to read all about her bad impressions of him… so are you sure you want to continue reading… ??? smilie face!

Well I guess being a part of my journey throughout this adventure it would be only rude of me not to mention ‘him’ ~ Right!?

So here goes…

My Mr Big, Mr Darcy or Mr Plaza? My Mr New York, Mr Vermont, Mr Bronx or Mr Brooklyn? Mr Tinder? Mr Foot Festish? Ehhh hell no! BUT what I did find was my ‘Mr Michael.’ By definition, ‘Mr Michael’ is a cute guy that you can contact when you are bored, need some male attention, want to go for dinner, want to do some sight seeing around the city, want to have fun with and generally want some adventure!! Before you get all excited… NOT a ‘fuck buddy!’ ~ More like a friend minus those benefits! YES there is some hidden flirtation & fun between us but from the get go we ‘friend zoned’ each other, well to be honest I friend zoned him, he would have gladly taken it further… haha but… Friend Zone is Safe Zone for us… for now anyway! (wink!)

Michael likes me, sure why the hell wouldn’t he haha I’m good fun and a really good catch! I like him too but he can be a cocky smart fecker, most of the time! Deep down behind all his tough guy exterior he is a really sensitive person with a big heart. Our sense of humour is similar which enhances the fact that we get on very well, which then resulted in us doing lots of things around the city together. Some of the more memorable moments we shared are strolling over the Brooklyn Bridge on a cold New York night, all wrapped up in our cosy gear and taking in the fabulous lights that highlight the NYC skyline. Sharing a yummy yummy pizza in the famous Grimaldi’s restaurant along the Brooklyn Shore feeding each other… haha Joke! We did not feed each other but we did test over the time some tasty Thai, indulged in some good Mexican fun with loud music and good vibes followed by fun walks together around Central Park in the snow and the streets of New York City! Lots of good food along our journey, some adventures, good company, laughs and getting to know more about each other. There was also the all important treating ourselves ‘every so often’ to Pinkberry Frozen Yoghurt, giggling and checking to see what topping each other would go for and if we would choose the same ones! This was as far as “desserts” went for this devilment pair!

Writing this has made me ask one or two questions – What would have happened if I had kissed him back that first night? In that split second. Would there have been a Spark? Would our relationship have been different? Would we be madly in love now and a happy out couple?

Is this the way it was meant to be OR with that one single small decision to NOT ‘just go for it’ – did I dramatically stop something that could have been so big for our future pathway?

We had both only newly arrived to the city and he was just out of a very long relationship. With him perhaps enjoying the New York girl scene “a lot” by his own admission and me perhaps playing it too safe! Are we now living in the parallel world of ‘what could have been’?

Time will tell but currently we are super lucky to have each other as really good friends. We will obviously be keeping in contact when I go back to the Emerald Isle and we already  lined up to eat some Lobster together when I return! Another “date’ I have tricked him into!

My time in New York City ~ I am sure I don’t need to tell you all but I will anyway has been “my dream come true” and so so much more.

With my last 2 days now shadowing over me and swiftly coming to kick me hard, it is time to spend the last of my New York minutes with the ones that have ‘shown up’ with me on this unbelievable journey. West Village cocktail bars are on the agenda for Saturday night, Mass on Easter Sunday with an Irish friend in St Patrick’s Cathedral, followed by my “see you soon” Brunch with Haylea, Michael, Sean, Laura, Sue&Michael and my Irish lass Lena. It’s going down one more time “for now” in a buzzy busy midtown restaurant, a fond farewell before I skip on outta here that night and start the next part of this adventure…

Final episode of this New York chapter to be continued… this Monday!

Hope you enjoyed the read!! xx

Wahoooo excited to see… what the hell is coming up next?!




5th Avenue American and Irish x


Happy Girls !!


Sean getting snap happy with the view!
St Patrick’s before 5th Avenue built up!!


Irish Eyes are Smiling xx


Life brings new chapters and so I am just rolling with it, happily!




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