Bray to Greystones, Ireland

The Plan of Action…

What Is “The Plan of Attack?”

Finally!! I’m settled back now after my 2 and a half weeks of being ‘home’.

Took the time out for digesting and taking in all that was, the amazing whirlwind and oh so successful 3 month dream come true. Every Avenue and Street walked, new friends for life made, fantastic memories banked and documented. And now what? Well honestly, I feel whole, content and put back together. My foundations mentally and physically are rock solid and I feel good knowing that I totally inhaled that spur of the moment, unplanned, New York City Experience..

         No Question 100 and 10 percent!


People say we should set Goals..and so

What is next world?

My Goals Now – Should be What?

Ohh I know, I know!! Is the answer :

To Live Life and Be Happy in the NOW!

Okay well then – Today’s future plan is for life to be an ‘Epic One’ and for this story to just continue to get better and better…and better! Happy in sharing the fun and realness along the way with anyone and everyone that wants to see, listen or learn.

GO ON!! – Be really nosy…keep coming back to see what I am up to next…

 You have my permission haha!

‘Ecstatic and Super Excited’ are words that burst into my head when I get to announce to you, my dear followers, that this story is now taking a turn in the way of an Irish Mist, sorry Twist…

I wanna sing & dance my way around this beautiful country that is IRELAND!!

Officially I am on the hunt for ‘The simple things!’

Curious, exciting, value for money, free, unknown, devilment adventures…

Explore. Backpack. Hike. Cycle. Walk. Surf. Camp. Swim.

Smile. Live. Laugh. Life. Love.

All of the above; IS THE PLAN!

Easing into the Irish way of life, we both thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent, energetic, exciting, walk and scenery from Bray to Greystones set in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

The unpredictable happy giggly adventure was an enjoyable one where myself and my good friend since we were children, Clodagh, got to take on the popular walkway accompanied by some of the wet seasons given to us by the ‘reliable’ Irish weather.

Powertrippin’ Mother Nature made sure to hammer out some very impressive hail stones, rain, wind and let’s not forget the glorious sunshine, leaving this Irish walkway boasting some fantastic views and colors of the sea and sky that would instantly take your breath away!

Sky, Sea, Rain, Sand, Grass – Bray, Co Wicklow

This lovely walk took us 1 hour 20 minutes at a moderate to fast pace, giving us pals time to catch up and natter while battling the winter like elements on our merry way. It is quite an easy walk, pretty flat so I can highly recommend it. Pack you, your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ dog/ friends/ kids or even you yourself and just go do it. If you bring the kiddies be sure NOT to bring buggies as it can get a little rocky in places and at this point there will be some light lifting ie carrying the child 🙂

Myself and Clodagh were positively drenched to the skin, our clothes were saturated but we were totally invigorated and ALIVE. 

The beauty of this walk is the yummy tasty surprise that awaits when you get to the fabulous quaint village of Greystones. Dotted with lovely shops, flowers, boutiques and cafes what makes this little journey ohhh so worth it was, ladies and gentlement, The Happy Pear Restaurant. This is a wholefoods, healthy, wholesome eatery run by identical twins, ‘the happy pair’ David and Stephen Flynn. One word, Delish! Be sure to live your life and experience some of their yummy treats! 

After we had feasted on very reasonably priced homemade Lasagna and salad, coffees and treats we walked down the delightful town for about 5 minutes, the sun now splitting the stones we arrived at Ireland’s Dart Station. Train arrived a few minutes later and brought us happily and safely back to Bray in under 10 minutes, back to our starting point where our warm car waited patiently for us.

Bray and Greystones are both amazing in their own right attracting many visitors deserving and enjoying what is on offer with these Co. Wicklow towns.

They showcase an amazing beach, sea,  cliffs range, cafe’s, restaurants and a promenade that is just to die for. Fish & Chips on the beach, a famous Nutella Crepe or Gino’s Ice Cream is a must for any tourist and any Irish person alike! Weather permitting! Super great weekend spot for families, couples and friends who just want or need to unwind and get out and about into the elements and life in Ireland.

The Emerald Isle ie Ireland has so many hidden gems to experience and enjoy leaving me so excited to be heading off to Doolin, Co Clare for the next few days to check out some of what the Wes(h)t of Ireland has to offer!!

On the list so far is to take in the stunning views of Cliffs of Moher and part of The Wild Athlantic Way.

I will be hitting up some of the Bars and Restaurants in Doolin and Lahinch, Craic agus Ceol with our traditional Irish Music and looking forward to enjoying some homemade Irish Stew with soda bread.

Time to embrace the beautiful scenery, partake in hikes and walks and possibly get some surfing in…

If you have any suggestions please let me know either about Co. Clare for this trip and then other places in Ireland you think are a definite ‘must’ for me to check out and report back via the blog!

Fun, Fun and more Fun are the main attractions, anything else after that is an added bonus…

and so this story continues, happily!

Hope you enjoyed the read and let me know of Ireland’s Must Do’s or even Don’t Do’s!!




Copyright © Jennypennyxx, 2016.

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