Q: Houston we have a problem!

A: What is it?

Q: In 3 days the girl will follow her dreams into the Unknown – New York!

A: What will we do with this information?

Q: FOLLOW HER – Do not let her out of your sight!

1:Oh my god 2:ohh my god 3:Ohhh my god! Do I need a brown paper bag like you see in the American Films. To be bent over and blowing frantically in and out through it trying to calm me down? Hell no!! My excitement is on cloud 9 and nearly off the Richter Scale. The excitement inside me is very nearly unbearable. To bottle these feelings and sell them to people around the world would be just outstanding. A million dollar idea! In the meantime though I will have to settle, keep calm and enjoy lapping it up all for myself. It’s not wasted on me by any means I can tell you. I know what’s happening, I’m Aware, Awake and Alive. I am Present.

All that has happened throughout the last few weeks emotionally was necessary. I can see that now. I can see it very clearly. At the time the emotions consume you and it is very difficult to see the wood from the trees. Or that in fact you may be a boat out in the Ocean on your own. The mind can play tricks on you and certain events that happen to you as a person can rock your life and cloud your very existence. Relating to the song – I can see clearly now the rain is gone! This sums me up today and over the last couple of days/weeks. With help and encouragement from my family and Me working on Me – I have kicked my own ass into gear. Ticked & Done!

Previously! – Christmas Day on your own is not for the faint hearted. I can now say that I have spent a Christmas Day alone in the year 2015. Also Ticked and Done, however, I would not be expecting to do it again in my lifetime. I am proud of myself and I have to say I gave it a really good go. Mass on the morning and the fire lighting by 10 a.m was a good start. My Turkey and Ham and all the trimmings turned out amazing and with Zero Fuss or Chaos! For all the years in the past Christmas Day has seemed Manic. Rushing around buying presents, getting this and that prepared and in for 1 Day. “Where is the turkey?” – ha! My auntie Roza once leaving the Christmas turkey out in the front seat of the car over night only to find it frozen on Christmas morning due to the sub zero temperatures! 10 people in the kitchen in my Nana’s house cooking Christmas Dinner from early morning with steam everywhere and the kids being told ‘Get out of the kitchen’ us kids knowing it was like a war zone and a no go area! – trying to stir it up! The good old days…This year it didn’t seem to be in full swing. Not just with me but anyone I spoke to seemed to have everything organised and all set to go… maybe we have finally got the hang of it. I was so prepared that I felt I was forgetting something haha! The Christmas Spirit seemed to have rushed in or was pushed on people this year extremely quickly. It was like it just appeared out of nowhere. I have to say I quiet enjoyed it none the less and have learned that you cannot be lonely if you are happy in your own company. Hope you all had a happy and safe day. Have  you noticed the daffodils are on their way up from the ground already!! New life, New growth is coming in. Time seems to be going very fast so with all that in mind I am trying and I think I am succeeding in living in the NOW.

Meanwhile! – Collecting the 2 main ladies in my life from the Airport yesterday morning was quiet comical. Mum and my sister Lorna came through the famous TV3 Dublin Airport arrivals gates in clothes they had been wearing in the hot hot Caribbean sun. Not particularly dressed for our Irish Winter Weather haha and the one morning we had the combo frost and fog. Lorna in her denim hot-pants and flip flops and mum looking all ‘Aloha darling’ and sun kissed. Their fresh smiles and presence were received gratefully and I couldn’t help but be in stitches laughing at the 2 of them coming home to zero degrees dressed like the Hawaii Minions! Great to be reunited with these 2 firecrackers for a few days now before I venture off on my own Escapades.

Currently! –  My 3 day countdown is here! Its Okay I tell myself. There is still plenty of time to spend with loved ones, there is time to take down the Christmas decorations, there is time to pack, there is time to enjoy the last few days before I depart. The buzz around Dublin Airport was electric and contagious. My dad will be picking me up early on New Years Eve morning to bring me there where I can start this Crazy Ass Adventure haha! My mind and heart are open to all the possibility’s this journey has to offer. David Beckham told his wife Victoria and 4 children that he had to go with 3 of his friends around the world to ‘Find Himself!’ She said to him, can you not find yourself at home haha. I am going to New York City to find me. There is no point in me sitting up in my room or house or safe haven or comfort zone trying to figure it all out when I can do it in New York instead and step away from it all. And so as you know I am Changing the Direction in this life of mine. I promise me to give it 100%. To enjoy everything. To keep it real and be me.

and so in true Jerry Maguire Gold Fish Style…

Wahooooooo……Help me help you!!

Here we go…3, 2, 1 Baby! New York  City – I’m coming to getcha…




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  1. Roza says:

    Love it Jen x

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  2. Sinead says:

    So exciting Jen, hope you have a brilliant adventure stateside 🙂

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