Tom Petty gives it to us with the catchy tune as he sings from his heart ~ “cause I’m freeeeeeeeeeeee…freeeeeeefallin!”

Tom Cruise, cruising and freefallin’ down the highway, exuding delight, in his movie Jerry Maguire!!

The Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ ‘New York State of Mind’ song has pretty much the same effect to this scene, and so…

Let me present to you the “State I am in Stateside”

Content, confident, comfort zone slayer!

Words cannot express how much I fucking love New York and I can’t, don’t want to or even have to apologize to anyone for it! Sorry not Sorry haha!

If these invincible feelings of excitement could jump out off the screen to you as you read this I would send it out there in bucket-loads to everyone and anyone, followed with bucket-loads of LOVE!

“All we need is Love… Du du du du du!”

Right now, sitting in my little piece of heaven coffee shop, my playlist currently having a party in my ears, I feel like I am ‘Freefallin’ in love’ with this City over and over and over again… Every. Single. Day.

Opening my eyes each morning to see that blue sky, high over my Midtown East apartment. Hearing the cab drivers going hot and heavy on their horns, the bin men, the fire engines, the traffic, the everything! Right outside this one floor walk up, if you jumped it wouldnt hurt, practically street level window, life is happening in full swing and it is a feckin’ blast!

State of gratitude appears in this scene also!

Grateful that I get to be here, experience all the fun and live and share these ‘life minutes’. This journey and adventure has presented me with personality building, mental strength, exciting experiences, new friends and brand new visions for my future which is looking Ohhh so bright ahead and containing ZERO limits!!

What’s a girl to do with these scenes & the cool NY state of mind?


Strap in for another eventful week lived here in Manhattan for us all to enjoy!!

Last week myself and Haylea rented out the New York City bikes and cycled the length of the famous, city grid like streets from Uptown to Downtown. Sunday morning bright and early, it was breakfast for two in the local American Diner where we obviously needed some fuel in the form of hot toast, avocado, eggs and coffee before embarking on our ‘adventure of the day’. Plan of action was head South to the Brooklyn Bridge via bike and then walk over the famous walkway, take in the sights of the city in the daylight and reward ourselves with fresh fruit and frozen yogurt. #goodplan

Freewheeling on the blue city bikes down the streets of New York was totally exhilarating and another dream come true! The air and wind in my hair, the streets flooded with tourists and locals, roads a wash with yellow cabs, passing the sights and buildings on Times Square, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Soho and Tribeca making our way over through Lower East Side, China town, Little Italy, Bleaker Street and Bowery. The freedom on the bicycle was deadly as you get to see the streets from a whole other perspective. It was exactly how I had envisaged it and more. This simple yet fun ‘thing to do’ had made it onto my ‘NY wish list’ and so it was fulfilled successfully and a must do for when you come to NYC! Highly recommended x

Not in the slightest bit shameful I would like to present and welcome you to my new and very entertaining ‘Top Secret Hobby’. Leather arm chair at the ready, yummy coffee, laptop, phone and wax free ears, I am the ultimate fly on the wall!

There sits a new detective in the corner of my favorite cafe, ear wigging, learning, cringing, taking notes and registering the “What not to Do’s” in the front row of these hopeful yet totally mismatched Tinder Dates!!! Okkkkay okay let me explain. First of all the seats are all so close you see. It’s not my fault, it’s their’s! and all is fair in love and war, right? ha!

What did I learn? – Well first off, do not go on your first date to a small, cosy, coffee shop if you do not want people to hear, EVERYTHING!

Witnessing 4 different dates, one after the other, each one proving to be a car crash swiped right by mistake encounter! Trying my best not to blow my cover as the third person on their date or put them off their ‘game’ I had my cleverly and not at all obvious (yeah right!) ear phones in BUT on mute! In which case, my hearing stepped up bravely to the front line and performed perfectly on high alert throughout ‘our dates’. All of this for the “LOVE” of research… I swear! 🙂 

With my fool proof, nobody noticing my eye spy dating system in place, this is what I “accidentally overheard”:

Questions from the Men to the Women – Answers from the Women to Men:

Q:You’re the kinda girl that if I put a picture of you on my Instagram my friends would be like damn he is hanging out with one fine ass hot girl the lucky f*cker!

Awkward laugh…hahaha! (I wanted to hold up a blackboard saying “no pictures please”)

Q:What is the financial structure of the company you work for?

Did you really just ask me that? emmmm (silence!)

Q:What is your favorite food or last meal? (this was asked a few times)

One girl answered: I actually put on weight, so I have to be careful so I drink a lot of Almond milk and Soy Milk, even though actually this coffee I am having with you is a full fat Latte. I would probably have a Mac Donalds and a curry, together with chicken wings and cake and lots of wine! (I cringed and winced from my observatory!)

Q:How long is your commute to work? (this was asked on every date)

This conversation is a draining one and so I am not going to bore you or me with it. The usual answer was in and around 20-30 minutes when you factor in the sub way, walking, the traffic and the traffic lights, not to mention the weather and the foot ware! (Snoring by now… ZZzzz!)

Q:Where were you born? (this was asked on every date too!)

One girls reply: In a hospital, have you got any other questions? (I defo looked up and made it worse here!)

Q:Do you work out much or what do you do, if anything?

No, I don’t work out but I find that to be a very personal question (My mouth was kinda opened at this point!)

Q:Why were you so surprised when I asked you out, do you not get asked out that much?

Emmmm, I’m not sure how to answer that really… (another awkward silence and me quickly directing my eyes to my laptop)

Q:Please tell me here and now that we can get to hang out more,cause I think this going really well…

It continued like this with lots more ‘flippin hell moments’ but this girl had the best answer and now I use it daily and with everything, in a funny way!

So she stood up and said “I’ve got to go”

That was it. Nothing more and nothing less! It is brilliant. Just. I’ve got to go.

By this stage we all had to go as the coffee shop was closing down for the night and what an eventful night that was…Having  the best seat in the house here I realized my dates have all been very good in comparison but I also see that dates are kind of over rated. There is too much pressure to impress in the first few minutes. Nobody knows someone in 1 hour or even 3 hours. You need to spend time with people, give them a chance, get to know them, see them smile, treat them nicely and invest time. My roommate insists there is a 3 month insight rule! By then you have a much more realistic idea of the person. There are layers to peal back – sensitivity, kindness, positivity, generosity, honesty, loyalty, anger, lust, passion, jealousy, family, friends, life within people that you cannot tell by meeting in a coffee shop or bar for just a few hours. Viewing these hopeful couples trying to answer these questions in this ‘interview style date’ has slightly turned me off internet dating for the moment!

The dating scene and my dating scene in New York City is to be continued later this week and these boys have not hailed from the internet!

Meanwhile, in other news:

Sun shining, blue sky, dressed up, the 2nd of March, walking up Madison Avenue feeling and looking great to meet my girl from Central Park. If you remember I had met her on my first week over in NYC at the start of this adventure! We sat on the bench drinking coffee, chatted for hours and formed a definite bond and good connection. Well we had decided to meet in the lovely Serifina Italian Restaurant. I arrived early and got our table. By the time twenty minutes  had passed I decided to order some yummy food as there was no point in me missing out on the gastronomic experience!

Some things happen for a reason so see what you think of this one!

I had come to terms that she had not shown and so trying to go through my memory of where she lives again, sitting there happily finishing my coffee and enjoying my chocolate desert, a father and son came in and sat at the table beside me, which was practically at my table with me! Father was mid 50’s, tan, good looking, think Carrie Bradshaw’s French Guy from Sex and the City only more well built and actually better looking. While the son was in his mid 30’s and more suited to me, I would have thought anyway! After chatting with them for a while, with Max (the father) offering me some of their pizza, some rose and some of his salad that I kindly refused as I was finished, I decided to get my bill and go see if I can find her house as this isn’t the end of us meeting!

After signing my check Max (the father!) asked me for the pen and gave me his number, asked me to message him there and then so he had mine. They were both nice and friendly,worked in the fashion world so you never know, contacts are always good, even though, we all know, no more Fashion Week for me thank you very much!

After about an hour of leaving the restaurant I received a message from Max, (the father!) He would like to meet for a drink. I got kind of excited/nervous thinking sure age is just a number, he was good looking and seemed interesting. Also thinking Oh my god did this all happen for a reason and don’t temp faith and so I replied “that would be nice” After reassuring myself sure what would the harm be? He was a nice guy, meet him in a public place etc etc. His reply was: “Now, your place, address please?” My reply was “ohhhhhh sorry, the best of luck in your search for happiness!” hahaha!! I’m not going to lie, I did think about it for a minute! One night stand, New York, Good looking older man! haha!

But, I’m just not that kinda gal…

Lots coming up this week including a very special visitor from Ireland on Thursday! Recreating the Staten Island Ferry scene from ‘How to Loose a guy in 10 days’ we will be boarding the orange boat to the Island for an authentic Italian meal in a friend’s family restaurant. Statue of Liberty is getting a look in with this visitor, along with shopping, site seeing, Central Park walks, Rooftop bars, Union Square and some real New York vibes and fun to Midtown, West Village and Lower East Side.

My fav sister Lorna is so excited about coming over and I am so excited to get to here to share some of my positive and happy places with her. She deserves it with her constant support with anything and everything, I do! Next weeks blog should make for an interesting read with us 2 on the loose ha!

The countdown is on now for my return to Ireland, leaving me just 3 weeks to the day to play on my most loved energy ground! My time is limited and it’s real, however, I vow to make these really good, positive, happy weeks, lapping it all up, having fun, spending time with people that want to spend time with me, enjoying all the moments, my sister is coming to see me, St Patrick’s Day is coming up, weather is changing to Spring, there are changes coming down the line and right now, I am right here… in my New York!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mammies today, with a special shout out to my lovely Mammy. Love you so much and see you soon, but not too soon…

A mammy hug, lots of laughs then plots, schemes & plans will be in order for my next steps on this adventure!!

Question is – should Jennypennyxx keep the blog going while in Ireland?




Copyright © Jennypennyxx, 2016.

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  1. You’re looking fab!! 🙂


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