NYC, Super Bowl Sunday!

Dream Big and go get what you want in life!! It is all there for the taking we just have to reach, be brave and bloody go for it. I did, against most of the odds.. The Jennypennyxx dream land went a little something like this… ZZZzzzzz!! Wonder what my life would be like if I lived in New York City? ha! BUSTED … Your wish is my command (eventually!) now please see the story with all the love, fun and happiness as there in lies another fantastic week on OUR NYC Adventures!!

The biggest City in the World. This really is so much feckin’ fun. The big kid that I am and its my playground, all mine, my back garden right now is this fantastic City! OMG! When people ask me over here what I do. With my big eyes dancing and my face about to burst with happiness my answer is always, “Well, I live the life of a New Yorker and write about it. You see I set up a blog ‘From Ireland to New York’ and it is getting huge traffic through it, growing bigger and bigger and so my job is to go out have fun and write about it.” Then I magically without any effort slip them my ‘Carrie Bradshaw Wannabe’ Network Card and watch. It always gets a reaction of “that’s so cool, you lucky lady!” or “I wish I loved New York as much as you do” or “Really, Wow, you go girl!” haha! Straight away people are engaged, interested, intrigued and slightly envious but not jealous. More like they are ‘up for me’ and cant wait to hear more. My job is not to rub peoples noses in it, rather bring people along for the ride that want to come. Let people know about a few cool places that when its their turn to take on the fun they can know what they want to get up to! The reason I got to come here was not fun and for me it is essentially a test and necessary for me, to build me up and find myself. A Bridget Jones kinda Irish gal. Single, 35, fun loving, happy but sad, a little lost yet had everything but missing something. Her spirit a little broken but not broken enough not to be mended, where to fix it? NYC haha and so NOW its time to roam around this huge City looking for fun and devilment, men and friends, food and restaurants, parks and hotels, people to chat to and hear their stories and them to hear mine. Shops and monuments, museums and parties, Craic agus Ceol, writing and the gym, ohhh and did I mention, Men? 💁

The Superbowl Party that I have been invited to tomorrow is in Upper West Side. The two girls that have invited me to join them are Uber cool, very chic, lots of fun and are also both absolutely stunning. I met them this week when I was out with what can only be described as Dublin’s very own Hugh Hefner. Last Sunday while I was blogging in the Waldorf Astoria and after all the excitement of the real, one and only Mr Big tweeting me,(had to get that in just once more!) I received a call from a friend of a friend, from Dublin, Ireland. He is a very successful business man, high flyer and by his own admission “A players, player” haha! He was so much fun, chatting away and very excited to be coming over to NYC for “One night Babes” in his best posh Dublin accent. We were going to be going on a Helicopter Ride over Manhattan at night to take in the lights, we were going for dinner, we were going to a Jazz bar that I still cannot wait to go to, we were getting a limo here and a limo there… haha! None of the above happened, however, we did meet up and have great craic. I had not heard from him since that phone call and so that particular evening I had written him off and was actually taking a nice relaxing night off going out. Sitting in my lovely room, watching tv and chilling out in my onesie and I get The Text – “I’m here babes, come to me. Your name is on the Guestlist at the door!” – WHAT!!! FuuuuuuuucK! All systems go! My reply as I flung the packet of M&M’s away from me “I am just out for dinner with friends, I should be finished in an hour, see you then” Jump up and panic as if you’re late for work mode! Shower, makeup, hair, dress, Taxi! The club I arrived at is once again a new uncovered hidden gem in a city that is covered with them. From the outside it has an orange curtain with a red neon light that says ‘Psychic’ but the name of the bar is ‘Employees’ Only’. The creme de la creme seemed to be here on this Thursday night including me ha, with my eyes actually seeing the beautiful Bradley Cooper heehee, he was protected from the general public but can now be checked off my ‘celeb spotting list’. The meet-cute was fun and flirty yet safe and friends. There were some good laughs together, it was a great impromptu/planned night haha and he was an absolute thorough gentleman and sound guy. There was no romance from either of us, however, he was most definitely my Mr Big, in the City that night! And…. it has lead me to this SuperBowl Party tomorrow in a big house just off Central Park full of men passionately shouting at the TV for a full day!🙋 So who knows!?

Michael Patrick is a guy that I met when I went to the wrong party a few weeks ago. Remember, the English ex-pats party that I gatecrashed and we all ended up going for a Vindaloo in India Town. When I was supposed to be at a comedy club party but I had looked in the door and turned on my heals due to the lack of FUN! ha! Well Michael has been keeping in contact ever since. He is from Seattle but lived in London for 5 years, hence, why he was at the English Party. He was throwing his own Birthday Party Downtown in a very cool, retro, rooftop bar called Mr Purple. This place has serious views of the city from Downtown to Uptown, an outdoor swimming pool, lots of his friends attending and its a Friday night in New York, sure it would have been rude of me not to go when invited! Got myself glammed to the Max. Had been killing it in the gym all week with not one but two fitness classes each morning. So, Pilates, Bootcamp, Yoga, Burn (it does!) and whatever is on the list, there I was center stage ready to kick my butt with squats, thrusts and anything else the sexy instructors were shouting and seducing me to do. I was ready and due another good night on the NY tiles. It did not disappoint, the music, the vibes, the crowd, the friends, Michael, the new friends I made, everything Rocked! I was up today bright as a button this morning and out and about for a jog and then snapchats to friends and family as I once again I hit Central Park, 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue and everywhere else I can find and get to. Michael lived vicariously through the snaps he told me, as he was in bed all day! Sign of a good birthday for him…Ohhh and  HIS OWN BED!

St Patrick’s Cathedral is only a whistle and a skip from our Midtown Apartment and so I jumped at the chance when my roommate told me she was going to Mass there. With not much time for me to get organised I threw my hair up into a messy bun which actually worked for once and flung on some of the new clothes that I allowed myself to buy the day before. Shamelessly, I have to tell you I also smelled fab because of the ‘myself present’ from Saks on 5th also purchase on my shopping trip the day before! Some yummy Jo Malone, my fav, was purchased and will be adored by me as always and the lucky people around me that get to smell it too! haha! After mass, we decided to Brunch as you do and so made our way to Bryant Park Grill. The park itself was so picturesque as the snow was still very evident from the blizzard. The famous Ice Skating Rink blasted out the music as children, families, couples and friends skated around on this crisp Sunday morning. We happily feasted and chatted away about our lives to each other in the window of this lovely restaurant on Eggs Benedict and Sausages while watching the world go by in the heart of The Big Apple.

So its an eventful week ahead with 3 invites already secured and RSVP’d successfully to. Sitting nicely in my inbox and calendar are the codes I need to attend the shows for New York Fashion Week, starting Monday. This will be exciting to see what way they are run, what clothes are out but most importantly who will I spot and get chatting to?

The Countdown begins to the 50th Super Bowl. This is a massive day in US Sports and I cannot wait to see how it goes at the House Party. Shout it out loud like in the movies, with kegs of beer and toilet roll from the trees… HOUSE PARTYYYYYYY… haha Mind you I think this one might be a little more sophisticated! To be continued…

6 weeks under my now looser belt in New York and it still feels like I have only arrived From Ireland to New York. I am still so giddy and excited by all of the experiences that I am having and have had so far and really feel like I am living my life and dream. A lot has happened in these weeks mentally and physically leaving me getting stronger and stronger everyday. Kind of proud of some of the fears I have overcome and want to just keep pushing myself more and more and more. Enjoyed turning any of the small negatives into positives but there really have not been very few in this time. I don’t always get to talk about the little nurturing things I do, like sitting in The Lotte New York Palace with a coffee from Pomme Palais and a favorite self help book, to keep me going in the right mindset or spending a nice amount of time in St Patrick’s Cathedral writing down all of the things that I am grateful for in life and what direction I want to go in. Sitting putting the world to rights, plotting and planning on a Sunday evening with Haylea and a Pinkberry Frozen Yoghurt. A lunch meetup with some girls that are all struggling with their own things in life but chatting about this in a fantastic Mexican restaurant on 34th Street and having the laughs on a Thursday afternoon. Living in such a central apartment with a good housemate who is lovely, caring, lives her own life and lets me do my thing, we respect each other and get on very well. Although we might need to address the amount of cake she brings into the apartment and offers me to taste when I come in from the gym!! ha! These things are all brilliant and part of this whole experience in making it work. Then of course there is the support from my supporters! You know exactly who you are and I know to, Thank you all so much x

So here we go, into another week of the unknown with some seriously fun things set up and an huge open mind to New Adventures, New People, New Places and Love to Give.

Happy Sunday everyone, enjoy the Super Bowl and the Irish Rugby and here’s to a great week ahead!!

Do something you normally would not do that makes you feel good. Buy yourself that nice treat that you keep denying yourself, just do it. We only have the one life, as far as we know… so lets make it count! Step out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself!




Copyright © Jennypennyxx, 2016.

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