Dreams Do Come True!!

Here it is… Who has been waiting patiently for another true and honest update about Jennypennyxx ? Have you been wondering… What has been going down in New York City?! Where is that Lady of Happiness? Wait no more!! Some serious fun in store and guess what, I keep having to remind my own self of this also – It’s all Real Life happenings!!! So continue to enjoy the ride… grab that lovely cuppa tea or coffee, hot chocolate with marshmallows or glass of vino, cosy up and here we go…Wahoooo!! #excitedface

He shouted seductively and effortlessly:


That’s it Ladies..
Let me hear you, let me see you…


This was no ordinary gym class in Battery Park’s, Financial District, NYC this Friday evening. This was like a scene out of the film, Couple’s Retreat. Justin Bieber and Beyonce blasted out of the top class speakers. Our instructor was gay, fun, vocal and very very flexible. While the class of all women worked up a sweat and looked somewhat ridiculous in the floor to ceiling mirrors attempting the required Jumping jacks, planks, squats, big blown up exercise balls between legs and thighs balancing and waving them frantically in the air along with all the other not so easy exercises, this sexy Gym Guru succeeded in doing these with a mixture of ease and classy sleeze.  He had rhythm and soul. Getting right down and dirty to all the songs, dancing and thrusting throughout the entire class!! His energy, really good looks and “BOOMING!” after we completed our reps was so much fun and a great way to feel energized, giggly and kind of in love… and so week 2 begins…

In the end Haylea didn’t want me to leave which was a super nice compliment. For two people that only knew each other a week we didn’t have any hassle which was amazing and glad to say that we have built up a solid friendship. She became used to having me there to talk to and have fun and laughs with but I had to get off her couch and into a new space to push myself out into the City of my Dreams. I love my new room in Midtown. It is cosy, loud and full of good energy. Situated right bang smack in the middle of Manhattan, the hustle and bustle outside my 2 windows is exactly the vibe and idea I had in mind when I said I wanted to live in NYC. Starbucks is right under me, the street and avenue is safe and lively. The American Embassy is just around the corner so there is a constant and consistent amount of sirens throughout the day and all through the night. The City that never sleeps! The noise has taken me only a minute to get used to. I love it, even when it wakes me in the middle of the night, a few times! I don’t get mad or agitated I remember where I am and I just feel Alive. Almost getting excited and waking up again to look out the window at the passing yellow cabs just one floor below me. My apartment is a minutes walk to St Patrick’s Cathedral, Saks and 5th Avenue. The choice of bars and restaurants is borderline extreme and I will be surprised if I get to them all but I will give it a good go. I can see the lights of Times Square and Radio City in the distance while I walk towards Central Park for my morning jogs. The luck of the Irish and the Universe seems to have struck me again! Very grateful x

My first day living in Midtown, becoming accustomed to my new surroundings, I see a fun opportunity. Part of the plan is to find and entice my Mr Big or Mr Darcy, right?! So with that in mind, we all love a good pampering session. Day 1 in Midtown became ‘Operation Beautify’ which included nails, hair, lashes, some Thai food and early to bed! Of course, this being New York the options of Beauty Salons and Hair Dressers are endless. Which one do I pick out of the hundreds that are lining these streets? Eventually I decided just to go into one. With a number of women standing around, Lee was a Chinese Woman in her late 60’s. Soft face, big smile. Not a word of English. Well actually one or two convenient ones! She eventually knew I wanted ‘Shellac’and so after I picked my hot pink color I settled down to relax and be looked after. Just after she started, nails all wrapped up in tin foil, she quietly shouted and pointed “10 minutes, 10 minutes.” She then quickly picked up my handbag and politely but firmly pushed me down the back of the shop. Past the pedicure chairs and behind the curtain she ushered me into a chair that I was forced to straddle and gently shoved my face in between the head hole. Before I knew it she was on my back karate chopping my shoulders asking me Relax Relax Jenniferrrr! Shocked at the whole thing I eventually just went with it, however, I couldn’t help but remain a little tense not knowing what she was going to do next. Her alarm went off after about 10 minutes of her kneading my shoulders and back, scalp and arms, she pulled me up and said “Nice, Nice, Nice” before showing me back quickly to where we had started, she eventually did my nails and charged me plenty for the message! “Plus TIP!” she reminded me! It was a fun experience but the next time I go back to Lee it will be just for my nails! Onto the Hairdressers I was given the name of the hairdressers from 2 New York born sisters that were in the nail saloon. They repeated absolutely everything each other said so I couldn’t understand where I was supposed to go. It went a little something like this “you should go to our hairdressers, yeah she should go to our hairdressers, give her the name, I’m gonna give her the name, go up the street to 2nd, 2nd Avenue you need to go, ask for Marie, tell her to ask for Marie!” and so on for about 20 minutes! They eventually wrote it down for me and I got a cool girl called Sugar & Spice! It was a good place they sent me  to called Dramatics and thankfully I can tell you there were no hidden dramas here. It was the first time I ever had to pay to get my highlights being so fortunate that my mother is a hairdresser. It was worth it all the same and enjoyed becoming a nice blonde bombshell.

Khloe Kardashian is in NYC! Where is she staying? Off I headed walking the streets, enjoying the view, taking in the famous shops on 5th Avenue and arriving at The Plaza Hotel. I spotted the Apple Store. I am in line and desperate need of a new computer so may aswell go down the cool iron spiral staircase of the flagship store and have a look. This was my first time in here and boy was it busy. Rows and rows of iphones, iPads and laptops, in the middle of a volcano of red jumpers and t-shirts belonging to the staff, who were swarming to help people pick the right Apple to suit their needs.  Not really in the humor now after seeing the crowds, I shamelessly went around full of divilement to about 20-30 ipads and laptops bringing up my jennypennyxx site and walking away slowly to see if anyone stopped to view! I have to say it looked impressive as it was the first time I googled it, I giggled to myself as I watched, suddenly then having to escape quickly as one worker seemed to spot the site, cop it and go to each and every device, looking around for the guilty culprit and shutting them all down one by one. I did however see two girls stop and have a read as I looked over my shoulder and headed out the door towards Trumps International Hotel overlooking Central Park West.

Khloe was on a whirlwind book tour and not in the hotel, I will get to her again (wink!). So after my cup of expensive coffee and enjoying the atmosphere in Trump, I left happily and briskly walked over to Central Park where I sat and relaxed on the bench opposite the Boathouse. With the music of a busker in the background and the lovely view I starting chatting to the woman sitting alone beside me. Picture New York Wealthy! Very grand with a story to tell. Her apartment was almost definitely worth millions of dollars which was situated as she pointed it out, right in front of us overlooking Central Park East. This street is known as Millionaire’s Row. Woody Allen used to be her neighbor among others! She bought the apartment when she was 27, she is now 69 but does not look a day over 60! She was dressed within an inch of her life in expensive and fabulous clothes. She has never been married, no children or siblings. Her parents died and left her a mansion in Florida. 18 acres that she has renovated and turned into a Tuscan Style Estate because she is in love with Italy. She lives a month in NYC and a month in Florida throughout the year. She is now a retired air hostess and gets free first class American Airlines anywhere she ever wants to go. As it turns out she was a mistress to some very wealthy men, with some of their wives also knowing about her and befriending her. She knows no one in New York she told me and could not get over that she had met an Irish girl sitting where she sits most days. I loved it and her, we got on very well. She has no phone and no Internet and was flying to Florida the next day for the month. We have arranged to meet in a very upmarked Hotel on Madison Avenue on the 2nd of March at 2pm only trusting that each other is going to be there! Another amazing meet on this adventure! Wonder what other stories we will have to share with each other by then.

So that night I was going to a Meetup Group called Happy Hour After Work Drinks. This is a good way for me to mingle and get to know and make new friends. After I had arrived at the venue and settled down to talk to some really nice girls it was announced that ABC News was in the building and wanted to Interview some of us for a dating segment they hope to broadcast to America. Ohhh my god! How exciting! – I was straight up there telling them my  story. From Ireland to New York, Irish, networking, Mr Big, dating, Living the Life etc etc. Sensing and feeling, my busting at the seems excited vibes, they hooked me up to the microphone. I had to put the speaker pack in the back pocket of my jeans like the celebs haha. The camera rolled and after answering their fun questions I asked them to think about pitching the idea to their boss to possibly do a fly on the wall documentary about me or a reality show haha! I have yet to hear from them but you never know right!! The dreams are BIG and can come true!!

Last night I had decided I was going to attend a stand up comedy club. I was looking forward to this as I have never been to one. I don’t really laugh at comedians, I do try, but I said to myself sure while in New York. Open minded I got all glam and headed off once again to the fabulous streets and this time onto the subway for the first time on my own. I got there after going on the wrong train line and then it seems I went into the wrong section of the pub and ended up sitting in the middle of an “England Meetup”. There were 2 girls that called me over after I had entered the bar and got my sparkling water in a wine glass with ice. Sue and Suzanne, they were there with their husbands, who were off talking and mingling with other English expats throughout the small downstairs bar. The three of us got on very well and had great laughs when we realized that I was at the wrong party and gatecrashing theirs! I looked into the party that I should have been at and it was zero craic so thank god I made this meant to be mistake. There was way more people for me to chat to, a few cute fella’s, one who got my number and was messaging today, some really nice girls and overall a great atmosphere. Turns out where the bar was, was also known as Indian Village on 27th Street. Myself, Sue and Suzanne, their husbands, Steve & Mike, Maxine from Long Island who was so sweet and works in Advertising and the lovely Abigale who works for the UN and has bought herself a fabulous apartment in the Upper East Side, all went for a lovely Indian Meal to finish off the night in proper British Vindaloo Curry Style. There are no mistakes! Loved meeting these amazing people and will be meeting again! x

My Tinder experience stepped up a gear and has been fun of late, with my first American date lined up for Sunday afternoon. Jeff, who is 38, works in IT and is from New Jersey is bringing me for chicken wings and to watch American Football in a NYC Sports Bar. It’s Football Sunday! This is going to be so much fun and perfect for me for a first date in the City. We seem to get along very well on texts so we will ALL watch this space!

2 weeks and 2 days in New York and already words fail me about how much fun and how excited I am by the whole experience. It really is unbelievable…I am still pinching myself. There are so many people that are helping me fulfill my dream and I am so grateful and happy.

What is going to happen next?

Your guess is as good as mine so stay tuned and I promise not to leave it as long to blog again! Some people were growing a little bit impatient…





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