New York Stole My Heart!

and I am not looking for it back any time soon thank you very much!

PART : 1

In our best American spoilt rich girl accent, here goes:

“Like Seriously. Like. What’s a girl to do? Like. Come on already??

Jumping UP and Down.. JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP!!

Kicking and Screaming…



Current mood is : Throwing ALL of my toys out of the Pram…

Each and every single one of them. Flinging them off like rockets one by one.. In fact, lets be honest, I am not just flinging and throwing – I am cleverly aiming and firing at the bloody wall, at the universe and at anyone that walks in the way of this Bull’s Eye Target!!!



What is the problem here please Miss?

With my sad face and big puppy dog eyes looking at YOU!

Ehhhh the problem is you see : Jennypennyxx & her over palpitating beating so fast it nearly hurts heart, body & soul want to stay in NEW YORK CITY please… ohhhh and might I add – Forever! Thanks a Million…


Ha, ha… Okay Okay! Less of the dramatics so and bring it back a beat… I know and I really do know how lucky I have been to be able to get up and go achieve this ‘dream of mine’ experience, so I am not flying in the face of all the good vibes, love, luck, new friends, memories and absolute happiness that has come at me throughout this adventure. I am simply just aiming and firing at the fact that in a week I have to board my Aer Lingus plane in JFK and go: From New York to Ireland! (ehhhh, wrong direction guys!)

Okay Okay, now again don’t get me wrong! I know and I really do know how lucky I am to have a house to go home to. Also waiting excitedly are my loving family and friends, who I am looking forward to seeing and spending special time with, especially the ones that have been so supportive and fun throughout this adventure….

BUT For God’s Sake, Realistically! – What a pain in the Fucking Arse!

Putting that thought aside for just a minute, so I can start to breathe properly and get my heart rate back to normal again ha! lets talk about:

My sister sistaa coming over to NYC last week.  There were about 3 teeny tiny, silly billy, sister snaps and snarles at each other. Then silence. Followed by a laugh at each others childishness. These are what I will call, sister episodes! Minus these unnecessary ‘episodes’, let me tell you we had a feckin’ ball with each other from Start to Finish! Yay result!

JFK Airport was so exciting as Lorna made her entrance through the arrival doors, her big bright blue eyes were dancing and she looked ab fab in her Ivanka Trump high healed velvet boots and sexy leather skirt. With her fabulous long blonde hair falling loosely down her shoulders and a big wide smile displayed, it was evident she was already full of all the excitement, adventure and fun that is required for this City. Totally looking the part and armed with the New York attitude, it was game on for the ‘Sister’s Take New York!’

Grabbing her bags quickly, then successfully grabbing our yellow cab just as quick it was full steam ahead towards the concrete jungle that I call ‘home’ (for now) to start celebrating her arrival in style. While the cab driver sped over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge I enjoyed listening to the tales of her, very lucky girl, First Class flying experience. How the seats turn into a full bed, along with her receiving the most amazing 5 course meal, champers on tap and basically being treated like royalty by the beautiful air hostesses.

Arriving Midtown to a buzzy busy spring evening, high warm temperatures and as though I had planned it especially for her, was an air of hustle and bustle oozing out onto 2nd Avenue. A perfectly timed vibe that brilliantly showcased what summer evenings in NYC exude. An electric New York energy that was flowing with people everywhere. Eating, drinking, laughing and living. With it all in full swing and after enjoying our yummy steak dinner with Haylea, the two sister’s linked arm in arm and strolled the wide footpaths to take in a view of the famous sites that sat close by – The Rockefeller Centre, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue, Saks and then very happily, BED!

In the chick flick movie – ‘How to Loose A Guy In 10 Days’ staring the hunky Mathew McConaughey and the gorgeous Kate Hudson, the loved up pair take the famous orange Ferry over to Staten Island for the weekend. Staten Island is a small mostly Italian/Irish community Island, just off Manhattan and about 15 minutes away by boat. This is something that myself and Lorna have always wanted to re-create and so the very next morning it was ‘sisters are doing it for themselves’ and off on our merry way. Spending our time giggling and taking photos of each other and the New York skyline, mother nature happily showed off with it’s blue skies and allowed the sun to shine down on the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as we passed on our waterway fun. Plus, to add an exciting twist to our already exciting visit, Rob, the hunky Italian waiter we had met a couple of years ago in The New York Palace Hotel invited us to dine with him in his Italian restaurant, famously, famous for its “authentic coal fired pizza’s”. He hosted and catered to us as if we were his own family with the service and food, second to none. Should you come to New York, I highly recommend that you take the FREE Staten Island Ferry, grab a cab to Campania Restaurant and enjoy the fine dining experience at this lively, deliciously tasty, much loved Italian Eatery. Ask for Rob!

The Italian Stallion, heeheeee!!

Our other fun sister experiences in the Big Apple included our lovely walk through Central Park while looking at the art work and street entertainers along the way and sipping the rich coffee from the famous Boathouse Cafe. Delightful meal in Seraphina’s Restaurant after walking up Madison Avenue. Lorna particularly enjoyed this experience as you can see the famous designer stores and obvious wealth around the area the more south you walk on Madison. We enjoyed the nightlife with tunes and fabulous views of the city as we lapped up the atmosphere in The Standard Hotel Rooftop Bar and Mr Purple Rooftop. Wall Street Happy Hour got a look in as we hit a few bars and chatted to a few american guys. There was also a few subway rides throughout the 4 days to get a feel of the NY experience and my friend Michael came and met us for some sociable drinks one of the evenings also. The Palm Bar in the world renowned Plaza Hotel spoiled us with its beautiful setting, giving us a chance to relax and spend more quality time together. Here, we nibbled on nuts as Lorna rightfully deserved to sip on and might I add didn’t leave one single drop of the bubbling, 2 glasses of expensive champagne! Last but not at all least, of course there was time, specifically set out for us to indulge in 6 floors of the ledgendary Century 21 shopping outlet. We bravely attacked this on her last day with a few, ‘sister episodes’, lovely bags, clothes, some presents for family and most importantly 3 ‘I heart New York’ mugs for her cool work colleagues. These purchases all returned in comfort on the First Class journey back to The Emerald Isle!

…and as it was First Class, delivering an “unlimited baggage allowance”, the bright idea to bring my big suitcase full of my clothes was a brilliant one and well received until we both realised that with that bag, having landing safely in Ireland is MY PASSPORT!

Is the Universe sending me a message? OOppppssss… but all is not lost. Daddy to the rescue and Fedex next day delivery should see my passport get to me this Tuesday. Don’t do things by half, wha…

So the sister sister trip was a huge success! We made great memories, a fun detailed introduction to the world of Jennypennyxx New York and overall and most importantly we got to enjoy more of what this fantastic city has to offer, partners in crime and best friends.

For selfish reasons it also could not have come at a better time for me, bringing a massive distraction of fun and leaving me zero time to be thinking about the fast approaching Easter Sunday aka From New York to Ireland!

The week ahead, currently and accurately dubbed ‘my last week’, the head space is a good one and the positive richter scale is now on a level of ‘Full Tank’. All of the toys are safely unharmed and back in the pram as the realisation has hit that this is not actually the end of the adventure but more a continuation and the beginning to a brand new one!

And so, to be continued…


PART 2Will be coming at you in the next few days.

The content includes St Patrick’s Day, East Village, Ferry ride to New Jersey, with who? Brooklyn Bridge & Pizza by night, with who! The hopes, plans, dreams & schemes for the Jennypennyxx return to Ireland, the all important No1 bestselling book and the processes in returning to New York City Baby!!

Hoping you enjoyed the read, thanks for all the support, comments and well wishes, they mean the world to me and as always see some photo evidence of the fun below!!





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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great writing Jen, love it all xxxxx☀️ 🌙 ⭐️ Xxx

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  2. Roza xxxx. 🌞🌙🌟 says:

    Ps that was me , didn’t intent to be anonymous! 🤗 🌞 🌙 ⭐️ 💖💞💗💕💖 xxxx


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