Freshen Up, New Chapter!

#feelinggood… right now, today!

Is it time? YES! Time for what I hear you say? What is she at now!??

Time to change it up and shift this recent thumbs down energy around and kick its feckin’ butt. This includes increasing attendance in the gym, or at least actually starting to go, ha! So we all know this helps us mentally and physically but that doesn’t make it any easier to get up, get ready and walk out the front door. So for me, I need to turn up the volume, get the good tunes going and start pumping it. Exercise, get out for a brisk walk, a nice swim, the gym or a class, whatever it may be, it quickly throws us into a better head space. Getting all the endorphin’s going around the body and mind making us feel good – it’s almost vital, yet a pain in the ass… ha, pardon the pun ! 😉

Recently, I have been successfully, slowly but surly, working hard on my – 5K to couch routine! Wrong direction! Now its motivation and determination time to switch it right up. One of the hardest parts of going to the gym, is actually going. So its this simple, put one foot in front of the other, don’t overthink it, just go and move that sexy body!

So without further adieu and in great “Bridget Jones Style” here are my starting stats:

Weight: 153 lbs *** Status: Single *** Alcohol: 0% *** Smoking: Hell No Recent Exercise: Cleaning house

Goals: Feel Good Now, Breathe, and get a body like Jennifer Lopez…

Target: Kick my own Ass!

Excuses: NONE…

I am ready to rock it – will keep you posted with the performances good or bad!


So here’s what’s been going down in my world over the last few days:

YAY, I finally have full control and ownership of my house. Not only that but its like brand new, I just love it. I have been cleaning and clearing, out with the old and in with the new and all that jazz. There are windows to be cleaned. Curtain poles to go up etc but progress is so evident. I have always loved this house from the minute I came up through the sleepy canal village, on that fresh Saturday morning, nearly 10 years ago. I remember viewing the show house and just falling in love with the layout and coziness of it. It has been very much a little safe haven for me throughout the years, especially the latter ones. To be honest, when I originally moved in, it was party time “everyone back to my gaff” were definitely words that often came out of my mouth. My Bar stood proudly in the sitting room along with a fridge full of beers, it was similar to a student house back in the day. I’m sure the neighbors just loved me back then! Oh boy how times have changed! Now its a calming, happy relaxing space to call home. The new decor has given it a very minimalist and uncluttered feeling. Put your feet up and chill out type of vibe! My home is a big thing I will miss in my move. It has been my comfort zone for these years and so poignant that it is time to step out from it now and live beyond its safe walls! It’s  so TIME! 🙂

Since the party on Friday I have been feeling extremely empowered, loved and have a sense of “you go girl” pep in my step! The positive reactions to my story slightly amazes me, each time. I enjoyed speaking with real people, everyone with their own trials and tribulations in life but all making an effort to come to enjoy the night. You could feel that there was a lot of love in the room and it left me realizing that its OK to feel your feelings and that it is also important to get back up and fight your way through. People like to hear and see the success story. So I have learned going forward try not wallow too much or stay in the character of the sad story. Feel the feelings, go through the emotions and then change it up as best you can. When you feel some strength back, react and pounce on it. Feeling the strength now so try hold me back! heehee..

Christmas is only 4 weeks away , holy crap! How quick was that year? One I will personally never forget! Lots of people and places to see before I head off, so its time for me to make plans with family and friends, meetup and have fun before I say “see you later!” I Love Christmas so will be out and about in Dublin more over the next few weeks, its party, silly season now so lets get those funny jumpers on and enjoy it all.

Also time for me start apartment hunting in NYC. Exciting!! Its closer now so it will be easier, I hope, to pin down appointments to meet and see some apartments. I am hoping to live in and around the Upper East Side. Dying to live around the corner from Central Park and go into all the lovely cafes, bars, restaurants, gyms, shopping and more. Its a really posh and fancy place to live in Manhattan which is what I am aiming for! Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous sounds right up alley..haha! Wonder what men will show up on Tinder heeheee

Put the big girl pants on!

5 week countdown now so its all about the positive moves from here on in. Getting ready so I can enjoy all the new experiences and have the confidence and realness to meet and chat to strangers / new friends!

This means – no more quivery lip, no more teary mornings, no more rehashing past events, look up now, look forward, plan the fun events ahead and be strong.  Going to pull those pants right up, wedgie style and go forth with a healthy optimism.

Be your own success story but most important of all is for us to have fun and live life!

Dance Like No One is Watching,

Love like you’ve Never Been Hurt,  

Sing like No One Is Listening,

Live Like its Heaven on Earth.

Time to get into a New York State of Mind!




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  1. Orla says:

    I love this girl ❤❤
    Hey! …….. I love you Jenny penny xxxx


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